Earmark This!

Hillary Clinton wants to give $1 million of your hard earned dollars to build a museum to hippies. That’s right, I said HIPPIES — you know, the worthless, commie sympathizing, pro-peace, anti war protesters, who wouldn’t bathe and instead doused themselves  and their dirty Birkenstocks in Patchouli oil — remember them? But it gets better or depending how you look at it–worse. Tom Harkin wants to give a half a million dollars to LaRaza — a racist, Latino supremacy group. La Raza for those of you at home not keeping score, wants to ensure not just Latino rights, but Latino supremacy, especially out here in the western USA. La Raza loves the idea of the entire west being reclaimed by Mexico, and renamed Aztlan.

Now, you are probably asking yourself: ‘what the heck happened?”  “Out of control, dirty, corrupt Earmarks”…wasn’t that the rallying cry that the good government liberals used in the 2006 elections to secure victory for the Democrats? Yup. You will recall that the liberals told us, “Earmarks are bad, earmarks are federal payoffs and earmarks are only done to reward cronies.” Well guess what Brothers and Sisters, Amigos and Amigas — the Dems haven’t renounced them or banned them or even fixed them — they’ve embraced them!

Liberals want to give away your hard-earned dollars to every Tom Dick and Harry (or better yet, giving away your money to every Moonbeam, River Jordan, and Paco) kook group under the sun. I can already hear the defenders: Liberals will say that a hippie museum is vital and that La Raza is just like any other culturally exclusionary group.(Come on? A Hippie Museum? Isn’t Vermont one big hippie museum?)  They will protest that these earmarks are about preserving important American culture.

Besides they will argue,  “a million and a half dollars is chump change when you measure it against the trillion and a half, federal budget.” Chump change eh? Spoken like a true federalé señor!Just remember that chump change every time you have to fetch your boss coffee or take a call from his rude wife or kids, or fetch his dry cleaning. Remember then, that the tax money out of your paycheck will be given to build a museum to the hippies of America and to the pro Amnesty group La Raza.

My initial reaction is to condemn this act as sheer hypocrisy, but the fact of the matter is, Liberals are just being liberals — giving payoff their special interest groups that keep them in power.

Instead, let’s fight fire with fire. I am laying down the gauntlet to the Conservatives in the Congress and the Senate — don’t get left behind. The Democrats aren’t just building bridges to nowhere, they are party building, with our money! Let’s do the same thing. I want a museum built to honor the ‘Vietnam servicemen who were spat upon’, how about a half a million for that? That sounds fair, since they were working in the service of Lyndon Johnson in South East Asia.  I let’s also build a wing on the Spat Upon Service Men Museum that also honors the contribution of the members of ROTC who today are hassled on college campuses nationwide. Heck, let’s build it right next to the hippy museum! Or how about a half a million to honor the thousands of victims of illegal aliens, who wipe out Americans every year, in drunk driving accidents and homicides — we can build that right next to the La Raza project. But let’s not stop there. Let’s do something to really honor our side of the equation—how about a monument to honor the PATRIOT ACT? How about a museum to honor Gitmo and its role in keeping us safe! Why not a monument to The Surge—because its working too! While we are at it, toss in a couple of hundred thousand to memorialize the great deeds of the nation of Turkey in the last 50 years. (Remember those Turks risked a lot for Harry Truman on the Korean Peninsula!) A pro Turkey display — that’ll really frost Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid won’t it? They hate when you honor anything tied to a victory and pro-American message.

Actually, being conservatives, we can’t really do this without reducing government spending everywhere. And that’s not hard, either.

How about taking all the government scholarships, grants and other funds sent to schools that don’t permit ROTC on campus?  Like Columbia, Yale and a few others?  Heck, with that much money we could pay to carve President Reagan’s face onto Mount Rushmore.  Now that’s an earmark conservatives and a few Reagan Democrats could rally around.