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The results are in from this weekend's Family Research Center 'Washington Briefing 2007' presidential straw poll.


Social Conservatives Vote Romney?

The results are in from this weekend’s Family Research Center ‘Washington Briefing 2007’ presidential straw poll.

Will social conservatives vote for the candidate that best represents their core values? The results are in from this weekend’s Family Research Center “Washington Briefing 2007” presidential straw poll.

Out of 5,775 voters (online and in person at this weekends event) Mitt Romney narrowly beat Mike Huckabee with 1,595 votes (27.62%). Huckabee pulled in 1,565 (27.10%).

Ron Paul came in third with 865 votes and next Fred Thompson with 564.

Members of FRC have been voting online since August and nearly 1000 participated during the conference this weekend. Interestingly the FRC also posted the straw poll results just from voters in attendance at this weekend’s event, in this breakdown Huckabee dominated with 488 of the 952 votes (51.26%) beating all 19 candidates — Romney received only 99 votes (10.40%).

View the full results here.

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