Earmarxists Commemorate the Hippie Summer of Love

Is there any wonder that — according to RealClearPolitics — Congress’ job approval is still under 25%? The wonder is that anyone still supports the Reid-Pelosi two-ring circus. It’s fair to ask: do all those who still like Congress benefit directly from the dispensation of earmarks?

The Earmarxists are still in charge. Among them, Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer are earning the reputation as champ spenders. This time, according to Senate sources, the two New York senators have come up with a beaut: $1 million of your hard-earned (and easily taxed) money goes to the Hippie Summer of Love Flashback museum. It’s tacked onto the 2008 appropriations bill for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

Actually, that’s not the real name of the museum, but if truth in advertising were applied, it would be. The “Bethel Performing Arts Center,” near Liberty, NY, is on the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

According to its website, the museum, “Through dramatic imagery, audio-visual technology and immersive interactives, this exhibition tells the story of the 1969 [Woodstock] festival and its significance in a time of unrest and change, concluding with the myth, reality, and impact of the Woodstock Festival today.”

The only impact of Woodstock today is that too many of its alumni are elected (and appointed) members of government.

What else may your tax dollars go for? Maybe next year’s repeat performance of the August 11 “Hippiefest.” Tickets were apparently priced up to $60 per person for the event which promised a, “Return to the flower-powered days of the 1960’s with our oh-so-hippie line-up of truly talented artists.” Aren’t you sorry you missed the chance to, “[G]ather your groovy beads and we’ll see you on the lawn for a trip down memory lane”?

Just think: if Hillary gets to be president, we could have Hippiefests all over America. Bill would fit right in.