Companies Vow Not to Hire Illegals

The lead editorial in the October 9 issue of the Washington Examiner reported on the efforts of David Marlett, a Dallas-based lawyer who is concerned about illegal immigration. Last June, according to the Examiner, Marlett began ProAmerica Challenge, an organization that lists U.S. businesses that have taken a vow not to hire illegal immigrants.  

Marlett told the paper that his desire is to “promote the good guys. The ones who say ‘I could break the law, but I’m not going to do it’” and to “convince people that honest businesses that support their local communities, instead of undermine them, will prosper.” Membership in the organization is growing rapidly — it already has hundreds of members in 44 states and the District of Columbia.  

According to the organization’s website (, members must “agree and consent” to the following ProAmerica Oath:

1. We do not knowingly hire illegal or undocumented workers.

2. All newly hired employees are thoroughly screened for identity and verification of eligibility for employment in the United States, to the best of our lawful ability.  This may or may not include our involvement in the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify Program for screening new-hires.

3. Though we are very willing to hire immigrants legally authorized to work in the United States, we are opposed to the exploitation and hiring of persons not authorized to work in the United States.

4. We will report to authorities any person whom we encounter in our normal course of business, and have reasonable belief is an illegal alien, or whom we have reasonable belief is employing an illegal alien.

5. We advise all contractors/subcontractors and licensees that we abide by federal employment rules and regulations regarding the hiring of workers and, additionally, will engage only with businesses that hire only legal U.S. workers.

6. We are adamantly opposed to any direct or indirect discrimination against any current or future employee or employee-applicant based on race, ethnicity, culture or country of origin.
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