Al Gore's Dynamite Ideology

Never mind the stuff about whether or not the snows of Kilimanjaro were melting because of natural causes or man-made global warming. Never mind the nonsense about how  the world’s sea coast cities will be completely flooded because sea levels will rise twenty three feet. Never mind the tall tales about how our ghastly carbon emitting behaviors are responsible for a polar bear massacre. And never mind the parts of Al Gore’s mythology that are  as credible as a Bin Laden pep talk to his recruits. (Kill a bunch of innocents and I promise you nothing but virgins for as far as your one eyed monster can see.) We are supposed to respect Al Gore’s heart, not his head.  

We keep hearing from all the usual suspects on the left that his heart is in the right place. And that means he is attacking the right enemy. As Al Pogo would say, the enemy is us. The Gore movie which ought to be called “March of the Catastrophes”  may be just a hodge podge of junk science. But Oslo didn’t give him a prize for science. It was for peace.

Can we please keep our eyes on the prize? If we do we will conclude that Uncle Albert got the prize, not for telling the truth, but for helping to create and disseminate ideological dynamite. He is now the planet’s latest and most reliable delivery system for the message that Oslo loves the most. “The West is wrong. The West is evil. The West needs to be punished.”

Let’s remember that the idea that Uncle Albert isn’t playing with a full deck is now, to use his favorite phrase, decided science. We have a judgment against him in the U.K. from a high court justice who says Uncle Albert’s polar bear porn isn’t about science, and so if  teachers want to use his movie  as educational material they need to tell students that it is a political argument, not a scientific one.

Britain’s Judge Burton brought the gavel down on Gore two days before the big announcement from Oslo. The judge has not been contradicted by any real or imaginary scientists.  And so it isn’t some nasty right conspiracy saying it. A judge has declared that Uncle Albert’s “Inconvenient Truth” isn’t true. This would never inconvenience the left wing squanderers of Nobel’s legacy. Who cares about Uncle Albert striking out on factual truth when he is hitting so many home runs on  ideological truth?

The “Peace Prize was processed into Orwellian sausage a long time ago.  Feel free to call it the Arafat-Carter Peace Prize. If you are wondering whether the ghouls in Oslo who rewarded Uncle Albert did indeed at one time reward Uncle Yasser, the answer is, yes, sir. And to Jimmy. Is it within the realm of possibility that the ideological octogenarians of Oslo delivered a big bag of cash to Uncle Albert because he delivered the ideological goods?

In the name of doing good, Uncle Albert delivered a sermon on the mount of tobacco  against Oslo’s favorite evil doer, the Capitalist West. Why if it wasn’t for  the greed of  those Texas-based oil companies, polar bears would never have to worry about where to get their next pound of seal flesh. If it wasn’t for Wal-Mart and Costco  shoppers  driving those big honkin’  Sports Utility Vehicles to those ever-expanding parking lots in those new suburbs so lacking in ancient architecture, the children of Darfur would have more food to eat. Never mind that they would not be separated from their fathers and their rice  if  the Chinese Communists weren’t so willing to hold hands with the regime in Sudan that gives ethnic cleansing a wink and a nod.

Albert Gore, Junior, the son of  a family that grew wealthy on tobacco, the son of a senator who actively opposed granting rights to Americans of the same color as the children of Darfur, is in the name of saving a planet, attempting to bury the West. But not in a messy way, like Bin Laden. Mentoring economic suicide bombers is not as tacky as training physical suicide bombers. But Oslo would have been more honest had they simply given the prize to Bin Laden. Unlike Albert who just keeps on biting the hand that overfed him, Uncle Al Qaeda wants to saw off that same hand. If you are one of the capitalist-hating ideologues on the Nobel Peace Prize panel, wouldn’t you think that  Al Qaeda’s global strategy, mass murdering the west, will bring the world more peace than Uncle Albert’s polar bear stories? You don’t have to own  the imagination of Alfred T.N.T. Nobel to understand that the only way to guarantee peace is to blow up one side of the argument. Our side, of course.


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