Big Labor, Have SCHIP Hit List

More than 20 Republican U.S. House members who voted against the much-expanded State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) vetoed by the President have found themselves under intense fire at home from the left.

“George Bush just vetoed Abby,” blares a spot running on cable television, showing images of a baby and other children.  Funded by a newly minted leftist coalition that includes the AFL-CIO and, the television broadside is being run in the districts of at least 20 GOP lawmakers in an attempt to get them to switch their votes and override the President’s veto of the SCHIP expansion, which reauthorizes the program to the tune of $35 billion over the next five years.

Along with the new liberal umbrella group known as Americans United for Change, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has purchased radio  advertising to target eight GOP congressmen. According to a report on CNN, the 15-second spots will be broadcast around traffic and weather reports in the districts of eight Republican SCHIP opponents.

According to a spokesman for House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.), the following Republican House members have been targeted for the broadsides from Americans United for Change and the DCCC: Aderholt (Ala.), Alexander (La.), Bachmann (Minn.), Baker (La.), Bartlett (Md.), Boozman (Ark.), Brown-Waite (Fla.), Biggert (Ill.), Chabot (Ohio), Cubin (Wyo.), Drake (Va.), Feeney (Fla), Frelinghuysen (N.J.), Granger (Tex.), Graves (Mo.), Hayes (N.C.), Hoekstra (Mich.), Johnson (Ill.), Keller (Fla), Knollenberg (Mich.), Kuhl (N.Y.), McCotter (Mich.), Musgrave (Colo.), Reynolds (N.Y.), Saxton (N.J.), Walberg (Mich.) and Walden (Ore.).