Liberal Screechers After Ann (Again)

Congress must be off today, because the liberals are jumping around, throwing chairs and again demanding Ann Coulter’s head be separated from her body. (If Congress were having recorded votes, the MoveOn-dot-Democrats would instead be expending the same energy in another pointless Iraq withdrawal date debate or trying to alienate our key allies.)

At issue this time are Ann’s comments to hitherto unnoticed CNBC host Donnie Deutsch about Christians’ belief that all people would be better off if they were Christian. Now Deutsch — with the usual suspects, including the hyperlib attack dog website MediaMatters — are lining up to call Ann everything but a lady. (The little boys from “Lord of the Flies” who run MM don’t have the courage to accuse Ann of anti-Semitism, so they just imply it.)

The video is the best evidence of what Ann said and did. The only outrageous comments are made by Deutsch, not Ann. At one point, he was equating what Ann said with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s desire to wipe Israel off the map. For a third-party judgment, I spoke earlier today with syndicated talk show host Michael Medved.

I asked Michael if he thinks Coulter is bigoted against Jews. He said, “Ann doesn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in her body. (Apparently, she doesn’t have much more than bones in her body).”

So what was Deutsch’s agenda? Medved said, “This is ‘gotcha journalism’ at its worst.” He added, “She meant no disrespect or harm…She was trying to defend herself from his line of questioning suggesting that she wanted to live in a less tolerant, less civil America.”

What was she trying to do? “Ann merely tried to stake out a position that’s in line with classic Christian belief: that the world would be a better place of all humanity embraced and honored Jesus. If a Christian says that I wish everybody else converted to my religion– particularly my Jewish friends, who already cherish the Old Testament — then the proper reaction shouldn’t be outrage; it ought to be ‘Duh!'”

“As a very proud, personally observant, fervently Zionist and unapologetic Jew (and long-time synagogue president), I would say that anyone who’s grown up in America and doesn’t understand that Christianity at its core wants the whole world to come to Jesus is either blind, insane, ignorant or malicious. The fact that my Christian friends want to convert me — to share with me with most significant and satisfying part of their lives — isn’t a sign of hatred. It is, rather, an expression of love.”

Michael summed it up best: “I’ve long wondered what would be more absurd than comparing Bush to Hitler. Now I know: comparing Ann to Ahmadinejad. The only thing they have in common is that both names begin with the letter ‘A.’ (Ann is taller, smarter, and much better-looking.)” ‘Nuff said.