The MoveOn-dot-Democrats

Rush Limbaugh performed an enormously important public service by creating a controversy over the left’s phony soldiers. He provided the second data point we needed to identify the new subspecies of Democrat that wants to take the White House in 2008: they are the MoveOn.Democrats.

The first data point was gleaned from the enormous public reaction to the infamous New York Times ad that labeled Gen. David Petraeus a lair and traitor to his country. The MoveOn ad generated so much backlash even they were taken aback, asking their supporters in an e-mail whether they were on the “same page.” (Hillary is clearly on the same page, telling Petraeus that his report required a willing suspension of disbelief. In properly parsed Lawyer Clinton language, that’s the precise equivalent of calling him a liar.

Republican outrage was expressed in Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Tx) “sense of the Senate” resolution he offered as an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill in September. Cornyn said, “This amendment was an opportunity for every senator to declare with not only their voices but also with their votes that they fully support our troops and our commanding general in Iraq.” The amendment passed by a vote of 72-25-3.

The 25 were the first to claim the title of MoveOn.Dems. They were so scared of what the MoveOners would do to them — including cutting off their access to its political funds — that they stood with MoveOn and against General Petraeus.

To the 25 we add Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il). Obama was present and voting that day (he voted for a Democratic substitute to the Cornyn amendment which made it meaningless by taking out General Petraeus’ name in favor of language dedicated to all soldiers.) When the vote came on the Cornyn amendment a little while later, Obama proved himself a girlie man and didn’t.

Thus when the Cornyn amendment was passed, there were 26 suspected MoveOn.Dems. And then came Rush’s comment on the phony soldiers.

These phonies are, of course, a key part of the strategy to force withdrawal from Iraq. They are the pathetic creatures who want to get on the John Kerry career path by falsifying their own military service and making up false charges of atrocities by US troops. Jesse Macbeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp may yet find their way to a safe Democratic Senate seat but for now Rush has blown away the smokescreen the MoveOners and their Senate pals have spread around them.

It’s only because Rush revealed the phonies that the MoveOn.Dems are outraged. (And of course there’s nary a peep on wasting the Senate’s time on their little skit. is delighted.)

Confirmation of the Moveon.Dems identity came yesterday in the form of a letter they signed to Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays to publicly repudiate Rush’s comment on the phony soldiers. Among the 40 Democratic senators who signed the letter were 21 of the original 26 MoveOn.Dems.

Here’s the official roster of MoveOn.Dems:

Akaka (Hawaii.)
Boxer (Calif.)
Brown (Ohio)
Byrd (W.Va.)
Clinton (N.Y.)
Dodd (Conn.)
Harkin (Iowa)
Inouye (Hawaii)
Kennedy (Mass.)
Kerry (Mass.)
Lautenberg (N.J.)
Levin (Mich.)
Menendez (N.J.)
Obama (Il.)
Reed (R.I.)
Reid (Nev.)
Rockefeller (W.Va.)
Sanders (Vt.)
Stabenow (Mich.)
Whitehouse (R.I.)
Wyden (Ore.)

From now on, in this column, they will be identified as the MoveOn.Dems, as in Hillary Clinton (MODD-NY).

On the other side of the coin are those Republicans who are fighting MODDs and defending Rush. I spoke to a few on the Senate side yesterday.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC). He said, “Democrats have failed to keep their campaign promises and have accomplished little. Congress’ approval rating is at an all-time low because it’s business as usual in Washington with pork barrel spending and partisan politics. This attack on Rush is an attempt by Democrats to distract the country from their failures and to throw a bone to the liberals on the far left. Americans are tired of these political games, they want us to deal with the real issues."

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tx) gets to the heart of it pretty quickly. The author of the great condemnation of the ad said today, “Democrats are desperate to retaliate for our resolution supporting Gen. Petraeus and condemning the despicable ad by Rush Limbaugh has been an effective voice for conservative issues, and a strong supporter of the troops. This is simply an effort by Democrats to mollify their far-left supporters who are still steaming over the MoveOn ad resolution. The Democrats’ close collaboration with the radical left is slightly frayed and they are trying to use Rush to repair it.”

And Sen. Jeff Sessions sees through the Dems’ strategy. He told me, “My suspicion is that the crowd complained that they were being held accountable for that despicable ad attacking Gen. Petraeus. In response the Democrats went out and trumped up the charge that Rush Limbaugh has demeaned our troops when he clearly has not.
Rush has been one of the strongest supporters of those great troops who are putting their lives on the line for us.”

He added, “It’s just kind of sad to see the leader of the Senate [Harry Reid] trying to trump up these charges against Limbaugh.”

Sessions sees the attack on Rush as part of the Dems’ effort to prepare the media battlefield for the 2008 Presidential race and – in the event they gain the White House in 2008 — a step toward reimposing the misnamed “fairness doctrine.” With it, the MODDs hope to quiet talk radio before people such as Rush, Laura Ingraham and the rest of the important voices can help defeat Sen. Clinton next year.

Sessions said, “There’s no doubt that the Democrats have liked the favored position they’ve had for decades with the mainstream media. It’s very painful for them to have alternative voices out there like talk radio. These attacks on Rush could be part of a long-term plan the Dems have to revive the Fairness Doctrine.” Republicans such as DeMint, Cornyn and Sessions stand in their way.

We didn’t talk to all of Rush’s supporters who are many in Republican Senate ranks, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). They are able to tell the phonies from the heroes, the defenders of the troops, such as Rush, from the MoveOn.Dems.