SCHIP Veto Override: Dems Say 'Do it for the Children'

It’s predictable: when your ideology requires you to justify every tax-and-spend growth of government with the statement “it’s for the children,” it would only be natural for you to do what the Democrats and their amen chorus in the liberal media are doing about the President’s veto of the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) renewal legislation. If you listen only to them, you’d conclude that the President is against the welfare of poor American children and is using the money they need for healthcare to fund the War in Iraq.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D – MD) stood on the House floor yesterday and cunningly alluded that President Bush cares more about environment in Baghdad than American children’s health.

“In fact, even as the president vetoed this chip legislation, all of it paid for, he has asked congress to approve another $190 billion to protect Baghdad and its environment. Mr. President, we need to protect the children of Bowie, of New york, of Peoria, of Miami, of California,” said Hoyer.

Presidential candidate and Senator Barak Obama (D-IL) has taken a similar tack: “At a time when we’re spending billions of dollars on a war that should never have been authorized and giving billions in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, today’s veto shows a callousness of priorities that is offensive to the ideals we hold as Americans,” said Obama.

Governor Blagojevich of Illinois and several other Democrats have made statements claiming that President Bush has "turned his back on millions of our nation’s children."

The fact is that Republicans created this program in 1998 to help deprived American children get the healthcare that they need. It’s the Democrats who have tinkered with it and used it as a maneuver toward nationalizing healthcare, caring little about actually providing insurance for our nation’s children.

Image taken from an email sent out yesterday by the Democratic Party

“A liberal Democrat congress — their first chance to get their hands on it — has now taken a program that was designed for uninsured poor children and converted it into a program that applies to people who already have insurance, to people who are not in any definition poor and also to people who do not have children,” explained Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) in a conference call yesterday

“And they are going to pay for this new middle class entitlement on the backs of smokers. I said on the house floor the other day the headline should read ‘Smokers to Pay for Middle Class Welfare,’” said Pence

They have “exploited low income children so they can have basically a two step process toward socialized, government run healthcare,” said Rep. Adam Putnam (R – FL).

Republicans have rallied around the Presidents decision to veto the new SCHIP bill and view it as a crucial issue between both parties on whether healthcare will be run by government bureaucrats or individual patients.

“Republicans are more than willing to renew this program and even give a modest expansion to the program but creating a new entitlement for families but that make up to $84,000 a year and putting the cost of it on the backs of smokers is absurd” said Pence

“Even our own estimators here in congress say that one out of three kids going on to SCHIP are people who already had private health issuance and are going to move on to the government run program.” Rep. Paul Ryan (R – WI) told HUMAN EVENTS yesterday.

Leading up to the October 3 veto, Democrats and the media alike have dramatized it as a vote against helpless children that cold hearted Republicans must not care about. Their continuing “do it for the children” talking points are false and irresponsible. As usual they appeal to emotion avoiding facts in order to manipulate the public and push their agenda. How far is the Congress’ expansion of SCHIP to Hillarycare? Not far enough for conservatives.