Conservative Book Club Membership Soars

It’s official… the Conservative Book Club just announced it acquired the American Compass Book Club.  The combined clubs, which will operate under the Conservative Book Club name, will have a membership of more than 100,000.  American Compass was launched three years ago by Doubleday Entertainment.  CBC was founded in 1964.  Both clubs serve the philosophically conservative book-buying market. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome American Compass members to the Conservative Book Club family,” noted Stuart Richens, the Eagle Publishing VP in charge of the combined clubs.  Richens said the announcement is being made formally to club members via the Conservative Book Club Bulletin and emails this week.  “We are confident American Compass members will be pleased with our careful selection of books, our insightful reviews, our impressive customer service, and our great values.”

According to CBC’s Editor, Elizabeth Kantor, Conservative Book Club members will have ample opportunities to read relevant books this fall.  “This week alone, both Clarence Thomas’s My Grandfather’s Son and Ann Coulter’s If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans are offered to club members.  These come on the heels of Laura Ingraham’s ‘New York Times’ #1 bestseller, Power to the People, which was a Main Selection last month.” 

Kantor continued, “The Conservative Book Club carries these and many other right-of-center blockbusters, but we also scour publishers’ offerings to offer hard-to-find books not readily available in most bookstores.  Some of our most popular titles, such as The Life and Religion of Mohammed, and The Trivium, were virtually impossible to find when we offered them.” 

The Conservative Book Club is a subsidiary of Eagle Publishing, Inc., the Washington, DC-based conglomerate owned by entrepreneur Thomas L. Phillips.  Eagle also owns the book publisher Regnery Publishing, conservative newsweekly, Human Events, Bob Novak’s e-newsletter the Evans-Novak Political Report, Newt Gingrich’s e-newsletter Winning the Future, 11 investment newsletters, and the Eagle List Company.