Newark, Phoenix, Denver Sanctuary Policies for Illegal Aliens: Deadly Results

Last month, in Newark, New Jersey, two illegal aliens executed three college-bound teenagers. Both men sported rap sheets as long as a football field. Jose Carranza, featuring 31 indictments, raped a five-year-old girl. Rodolfo Godinez committed violent assaults and distributed drugs. Both enjoyed freedom via bail bonds while escaping deportation through Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s “Sanctuary Policy.” Booker allows illegal aliens immunity from police discovering their immigration status. Instead of deportation, they roam free in our country.

Americans suffer thousands of crimes and deaths committed by illegal aliens annually because 30 metropolitan mayors continue upholding sanctuary policies in direct violation of federal laws.

In Phoenix, Arizona, in 2005, car-jackers stole 57,600 vehicles making it the car theft capital of the United States. Who did it? Over 90 percent proved to be illegal aliens from a state that boasts a half million of them.

Last week, Phoenix Police Officer Nick Erfle, husband and father to two girls, made a traffic stop on an illegal named Erik “Droopy” Martinez who shot Erfle in the face, instantly killing him. Five other police officers suffered death at the hands of illegals protected by the Phoenix sanctuary policy. Mayor Phil Gordon continues supporting the deadly policy in Phoenix. As Mark Twain said, “When Congress is in session, no American’s life or possessions are safe.”

In Denver, Colorado, Mayor John Hickenlooper supports sanctuary policy. When you aid, abet and assist illegal aliens, what do you get for your efforts? Quick answer: more illegal aliens! A recent report in the Rocky Mountain News showed that 12,200 Mexican gang members ply their trade in the Denver area.

Results: two years ago, illegal alien Garcia Gomez executed Denver Police Officer Don Young just like Carranza shot the three Newark kids — in the back of the head.

What did Gomez enjoy? The same sanctuary policy in Denver as in Phoenix and Newark! Gomez had been stopped three times, but let go.

Fast forward to Denver on September 6, 2007. Illegal criminals operate “chop shops.” A car carrying five illegal aliens followed a Denver cop. Here is the report:

Police arrested car theft suspects Thursday morning after a police chase that started with an undercover Denver officer calling for help while being followed by the alleged criminals. The officer recorded videotape of the suspects and a stolen truck before they spotted him.

The officer called for backup just after 2:00 a.m. while heading east on Interstate 70. He reported his speed at 105 miles per hour while suspects followed in hot pursuit. He reported being rammed by the suspects near Colfax Avenue.

Suspects crashed near 65th and York. They ran from the scene. One was quickly taken into custody. Police nabbed four other suspects a short time later. Police caught another suspect when a homeowner called 911 to report someone hiding in his yard.

What is so brazen about these illegal alien criminals? Their immunity from arrest via sanctuary policy in cities like Newark, Phoenix and Denver gave them the arrogance to race 105 miles per hour to chase and ram a police cruiser. Is this right out of a dime third world novel or what?

What if those illegals killed another police officer? What if they executed the man in the house who called the cops about one of the illegals hiding in the homeowner’s yard? What if the high speed chase caused a multi-car crash killing a half-dozen Denver citizens?

Arrested after the chase: Illegal Juan Hernandez Banuelos with five other aliases and 12 previous arrests; Francisco Delacruze with four other aliases and 11 previous arrests; Manuel Fernandez with three aliases and 18 previous arrests; Carlos Armando Galeano with three aliases and 13 previous arrests; and Eric Robles with two aliases and three arrests.

Police arrested these criminal aliens a total of 47 times without doing anything about their illegally living, working and criminal activities in the Colorado. None suffered deportation!

With more cities condoning the loss of the rule of law, we can expect more crime against Americans. You must ask yourself: when will my loved ones or I become a victim of illegal aliens in my own community because someone elected to represent the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law abdicates in favor of illegal alien criminals?

Where will the next Newark Massacre or police execution occur because of the sanctuary policy that allows criminal illegal aliens free access to kill American citizens? Where will the next 9/11 occur because of the sanctuary policy? Stay tuned: you’ll read about it or you’ll be one of the victims.