Ahmadinejad Paying Tribute to Whom?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he will visit theWorld Trade Center, to lay a wreath and pay tribute to the victims of 9/11, despite the NYPD’s strenuous objections. Mahmoud says he will go to ground zero regardless of any objection; this isn’t just defiance, this is an insult to all Americans, left, right and center. Until the conservative media reported it, there wasn’t been a peep of condemnation out of Washington DC. Now Hillary Clinton, one of the Senators from New York has spoken out, but where’s Chuck Schumer? It is hard to believe, but in the wake of MoveOn.Org’s traitorous attacks on General Petraeus the left here and radical Islamists worldwide wanted to celebrate the number one terrorist in the world coming to our own shores. He will be a speaker at Columbia University in New York during his UN visit next week.

Mahmoud’s rap sheet is well known; Ahmadinejad was probably involved in the deaths of nearly 300 United States Marines in Beirut, Lebanon. He reportedly was one of the hostage-takers of the American diplomats in Tehran in 1979. His improvised explosive devices have maimed and killed thousands of our fellow Americans and Iraqis, men, women and children. Remember, we aren’t just war with al-Qaeda in Iraq, we are at war with Mahmoud’s regime. This is a man who was one of the midwives for the birth of radical Islam in 1979 — he reportedly paraded our hostages at the US Embassy in Tehran. Mahmoud is widely believed to be harboring at least some of Osama Bin Laden’s posse including some of Osama’s own family in Iran (or in Iranian controlled territory) and now this little murderous ferret wanted to take a victory lap around lower Manhattan.

Can you imagine if during World War 2 — Emperor Hirohito, of Japan, wanted to pay a visit to Pearl Harbor? You can’t because it would have been impossible. If he wasn’t first shot out of the sky, then upon landing, he would have been apprehended immediately, handcuffed, and tossed into the back of an army truck and put into one of the Japanese internment camps in California for the duration of the war against Japan. We would not have given the Emperor or Tojo, or any of his fellow gangsters, any quarter at all.

Radical Islamists are enjoying their murderous infamy right now. If 1967 was the Summer of Love for the Hippies, then 2007 must truly be the summer of Hate for the mullahs everywhere. And Mahmoud, like some demented Maharesh Yogi, is about to feel the love from the American left.

Our Democrat-Media Complex will portray his visit to Columbia U as an olive branch extended by a head of state to the American people. The liberals will laud his move, never questioning him about the thousands of political prisoners, men, women and children that his regime executes for minor crimes. If some random blogger does get to shout a question at Ahmadinejad, he will just give that ‘I’m just a simple man of peace,’ goofball grin that he gave Mike Wallace in his 60 minutes love fest last year. “Don’t you understand,” we will be asked by George Soros and Ward Churchill, “Mahmoud is giving us, the infidel, one last chance to repent, to submit, before we get our surprise on October 12,” [as promised by his murderous cohorts.]

Liberals will fawn and swoon over Mahmoud’s visit. Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann can give Mahmoud the virtual ground zero tour, Ron Paul, talking about Blowback; can join them and how our policies caused 9/11. Michael Moore will say, “Here Mr. President this is the very spot where the Neocon (read Jewish) controlled Bush administration brought down the towers.” Off to the left will be Rosie O’Donnell, Mets bat in hand, explaining that “fire cannot melt steel, google it’” (and all the while Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan will be trying desperately to get in on the act. “Mahmoud won’t you please live blog over at the Huffington Post or Daily Kos — our people need you Mahmoud!”

The vapid anchors and anchorettes at the cable nets will wonder, “Why won’t the Bush administration meet with Mahmood?” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty will no doubt say that Mahmoud is having a Gorbachev style moment and that he has shown courage and won the day! (“After all,” the cranky Cafferty will say, “George Bush and Dick Cheney have never visited Tehran.”)

Mahmoud may guest host, MSNBC’s Countdown and Chris Matthews will foam at the mouth, asking Mahmoud if Scooter Libby outed Valerie Plame?

All of this will crescendo with a carefully crafted speech at the United Nations where Mahmoud will ask for peace and understanding, He will talk about how the third world is being exploited by the United States and the West. All the while his centrifuges spin at home, creating more and more lethal nuclear materials in the hopes that there will be many more 9/11s and many more ground zeroes to tour. Mahmoud won’t be visiting ground zero to pay tribute. But his visit to the UN is a different kind of tribute. Not to us, but to the terrorists who murdered us that day. And the media will love it.


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