Moving America (Bi-Partisanly) Forward

The Democrat Party has slithered to a new low in its campaign to surrender in Iraq. Just when the United States, Iraqi and allied troops are making major gains in the war.

Democrats not only want to cut, duck, and surrender, they are working to demoralize our troops by attacking pro-troop efforts by Americans.

Move America Forward, the largest nonpartisan pro-troops nonprofit organization in the country, has worked hard on a cross-country caravan of patriots that will end in Washington D.C. Our aim is to support our troops and Gen. David Petraeus as he reports on the troop surge in Iraq, which is working. We are joining with other grassroots groups to let Congress know that the United States has the best warriors in the world and defeat can only come through the white-flag brigade’s determination to lose.

Our pro-troops’ message apparently offended Democrats. The national Democrat Party, the Democrat Party of Nevada, the Washoe County, Nev., Democrat Party, and the Carson City Democrat Party teamed up to counter Move America Forward’s “Fight for Victory” kickoff event in Carson City, Nev., on Sept. 3. Their counter protest was a flop, with the highlight being a guy marching around like a drunk, belching something about “war mongers” as a soldier’s mother spoke about her pride in the son who gave his life for America.

The Nevada State Democratic Party even lied about Move America Forward to incite its defeatist minions:

“Move America Forward,” a pro-war, California-based Republican front group, opposes a change of course in Iraq and has organized to push back on Americans’ resolve to end the war. “

Our group is neither a pro-war group nor a Republican-front group. Among our more than 1 million members, we are proud to have individuals from both major political parties. Our sole purpose is to support our troops, which we do every day while the Harry Reids of the world whimper and whine and lie about the war our men and women are fighting.

If the Democrat Party had taken the time to look at our Web site, its members would have seen a simple explanation of our purpose:

What is Move America Forward?
Move America Forward is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism and supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.”

It doesn’t say that we support only Republican men and women of our Armed Forces. It doesn’t say we are pro-war. Those are Democrat lies. It is sad to see the once great Democrat Party sink to these lows.

President John F. Kennedy, a World War II hero, would be sickened by the Democrats’ attack on our pro-troops organization.

Over the years, we have taken on Republicans and Democrats who we believe are hurting our troops and their missions. In the past month alone, we put out three press releases regarding Republicans who are dead wrong on the war against radical Muslim Jihadists.
We excoriated Sens. Voinovich, Domenici, and Lugar for turning their backs on U.S. troops, who want to defeat the terrorists before coming home. On the other hand, we recognize that many Democrats, including Sen. Joe Lieberman, understand what happens if we pull out of Iraq before our generals tell us we should.

The Democrat Party’s frantic push for defeat and its attacks on Move America Forward don’t surprise us. Though they say they support the troops, Sen. Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have already told the world and our enemies that we can’t win in Iraq.

But the facts don’t support their claims. That never stopped the linguine-spined Democrats before. The problem with their rhetoric is it hurts our fighting men and women and it emboldens our enemies. Aside from that, it’s a load of hot air. Poisonous hot air.

Gen. Petraeus has already told the world that the troop surge is working. In an interview with an Australian newspaper last week, Petraeus said “we have achieved progress, and we are obviously going to do everything we can to build on that progress and we believe al-Qaida is off balance at the very least." According to the Associated Press:

Petraeus said there had been a 75 percent drop in ethnic and religious killings since last year, a doubling in the number of seizures of insurgent weapons caches between January and August, a drop in the number of coalition deaths from roadside bombs, and an increase in the killing and capture of al-Qaida fighters, the newspaper said.

Yet the Democrat Party wants to suppress any show of patriotism. It wants to stifle the good work of America troops, just as anti-war fanatics did during the Vietnam War.

Ignorance of why America is at war is not reserved for Democrats, of course. And MAF didn’t visit Reid’s office on Monday because he is a Democrat. He heard from America’s patriots because he has said that American troops have already lost the war.

Reid’s position is that of a loser. A quitter. A yellow-bellied partisan who wants to use the war in Iraq as a political tool. He and Pelosi are not only the leaders of the Democrat Party, but leaders of the white-flag brigade.

Even Katie Couric has reported of big gains for America in Iraq. Reid and Pelosi better beware if their spokespeople in the mainstream media turn on them.

If the Democrat Party stays on its defeatist path and persists on attacking patriots,
it is no longer worthy of membership by great men and women. Their persistent back-stabbing of our troops will hopefully lead to the party’s demise before it brings more shame and disaster to our country.