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Make no mistake -- owns the Democrat Party.


Just Who Did Democrat Voters Elect?

Make no mistake — owns the Democrat Party.

As we watched the Senate hearings on the Iraq report play, we are reminded of one thing:  the sacrifice our military men and women make on a daily basis – all military, including General David Petraeus.  Gen. Petraeus has served our country honorably for over 30 years and deserves nothing but the highest respect from us as elected leaders of this great nation.  He is giving us his experienced assessment of the current situation in Iraq, and hopefully offering a path to success in this war.  Such success is our country’s central goal at the end of the day — at least it should be.

As leaders of this great nation we should be constantly asking ourselves how our actions help us succeed in this war. The Republican Party has made it clear that our goal is success in Iraq.  But Democrats have decided to allow the extreme liberal group,, to become the megaphone for their party and lower the debate to uncharted depths. has labeled General Petraeus a liar and a traitor to his country, a betrayer of the public trust.

Republicans have condemned this ad and all that is suggests. Democrats have allowed, and tacitly encouraged, this extreme liberal group to define what their party stands for and they are doing nothing to stop it. That silence you hear from the other side of the aisle is because of one simple fact: because ‘they’ are one in the same — and the Democrat Party.
“We bought it, we own it, and we’re going to take it back.”  Those are the now infamous words spoken by founder Eli Pariser when speaking about the Democrat Party after the 2004 elections.  “We own it.”  That message was clear when Senate Democrats objected on the floor of the Senate to a resolution to denounce the despicable ad calling Gen. Petraeus a traitor.  Make no mistake — owns the Democrat Party.  

“We bought it.”  And how did buy the Democrat Party? Campaign donations, of course. has routed hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars to Democrats and they show no signs of slowing down.  Congressman Tom Allen of Maine has accepted over $250,000 in donations through alone.  So it’s not surprising that Tom Allen has been deafeningly silent on this issue. Apparently the prospect of campaign funds is enough of an incentive for Democrats to stand idly by while a respected General is maligned before the country he has committed his life to protecting.   

Democrats should take this opportunity to denounce the actions by the extreme liberal group and send a message that our country’s success in Iraq is more important than a cheap political shot.  The Democrat-led Senate confirmed this American hero unanimously because of his impeccable background and service.  But now, when it is politically expedient, Democrats have chosen to ‘shoot the messenger’ instead of listening to his assessment and making informed decisions.  In not condemning’s ad and its outlandish charges, Democrats are condoning it.  Democrats have turned a blind eye to the outcry of objection to the ad and have implicitly voiced their support for’s course of action.  

This country deserves more from us as elected leaders than the debasing of our military leaders and the politicization of our mission in Iraq.  We owe it to our military men and women to lift up the political dialogue rather than race it to the bottom.  

Next November, voters should be aware of who will REALLY be on the ballot.  “We bought it.  We own it.  And we’re going to take it back,” Americans should take full notice that it will be the extreme left wing on the ballot.   

At the end of the day, we are leaders of this country and we should be focused on succeeding in Iraq.  If Senate Democrats are serious about moving our country forward, they will denounce this outrageous ad and return the campaign funds has lavished on them as well as the donations made through, the choice is theirs.  

Our goal is to win — what’s theirs? 

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Mr. Ensign is a Republican senator from Nevada.

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