Eagles Landing

On September 15, in a scene that America’s enemies are hoping mimics similar events in the 60s and 70s, a coalition of anti-American amateur anarchists will descend on the nation’s capital attempting to convince the US Congress to surrender in the War on Terror.

They won’t know even know to whom they’d like us to surrender, nor what the terms of such a travesty might be. But their ilk didn’t care in the 70s and the new crowd doesn’t care now.

But this time, also flocking to the Capitol with a far greater sense of purpose, direction and duty, will be the Eagles: America’s veterans and pro-troop patriots. Just as they did on March 17, the Eagles again will deflect the hatred hurled at our military, the attempts to deface our memorials, and the political efforts to bully a shaky Congress into giving away the successes that have been earned through more than two centuries of democracy.
When the so-called Vietnam anti-war “movement” gained momentum, (and, as it turned out, was only an anti-American war), it succeeded in convincing Congress to abandon South Vietnam, just as South Vietnam was showing that it was well on its way to military and political stability. The resultant chaos cost the lives of millions of civilians who fell to the savagery of the communist onslaught.

Even though the phony peace movement was directly responsible for setting the stage for this holocaust, the blame was conveniently shifted by useful idiots in the media and Congress to the American military, which had performed magnificently despite a media blackout of our successes that was broken only by braying criticism of the military.
Those who claimed they stood for peace, John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Henry Kissinger, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, stood by silently, feigning ignorance or non-involvement as the communist death squads tortured and murdered babies, the elderly, teachers, civil servants, police, college professors, and day workers by the millions in southeast Asia.
This could not have happened without help. The anti-American forces were aided and abetted by a media that was, and still is, a disgrace to the concept of First Amendment rights to freedom of the press.

The media, starting with Walter Cronkite who blatantly lied to America after our forces won an overwhelmingly victory against the communists in the Tet Offensive of 1968, was more than complicit in falsely portraying America’s military as incompetent on one hand or murderous thugs on theother. Cronkite was only the most visible media co-conspirator. But the rest of the American media trotted alongside like lemmings, just as the modern media is doing today.

Meanwhile mindless strumpets like Jane Fonda who had spent the 1960s touring college campuses touting the false promise of worldwide communism were allowed to cavort in enemy country with impunity, striving to negatively impact troop morale, wreaking havoc with American prisoners of war, and delivering political victory to an enemy that had been devastated on the battlefield.

In the end, Southeast Asia was lost, millions died, hundreds of American POWs known to be alive and held by the communists in Laos, were abandoned, and America’s standing in the world took a hit that was so disastrous we still are feeling its effects to this day.
The outcome does not have to be the same as it was three decades ago. As America fights against Islamic terrorists and the nations that support them, we dare not allow the anti-American creeps who pass themselves off as “anti-war” to win. In Vietnam we lost a war and millions died, but the war didn’t come back to America. This one will, so we have to win it here, in Congress and in the media, so our forces can win it abroad.
Tomorrow, September 15 , the “ANSWER” group — funded by the usual left-wingers, arrives in Washington to stage demonstrations including a “die-in” in which — without the permission of the families of our war dead — they will pretend to die while holding signs and placards labeling themselves with names of our combat dead. And it will go on from there. But unlike 1971, this time they will not be coming to town alone.

When they arrive in DC, these phonies will again face massed pro-troop Americans who will gather as Eagles did so successfully on March 17, and again we will show that those who would tear down and destroy America are but a flock of haters, a mere whisper in a wind tunnel, compared to the tornado of the Eagles.

Groups bringing pro-troop patriots to DC on Sept. 15 including Eagles Landing; Move America Forward which is hosting a nationwide caravan of families and supporters starting in California on Labor Day, Sept. 3, and arriving in DC on the 15th; Military Order of the Purple Heart; Gathering of Eagles; Free Republic; and Vets For Freedom; among many others.

But for all the efforts of these fine organizations, the true test of America’s willpower, its dedication to our shared values and principles, and its willingness to take the War on Terror to the terrorists, lies with mainstream Americans. America’s veterans, our true warriors, not phonies who doctor their service records and award themselves medals for non-existent acts of valor, will stand tall, as they always do.

If Congress is to bend to the will of the people, which our Constitution says it must, then the will of the people must be shown, loudly and clearly, and most importantly, in person. This must be accomplished by the participation of mainstream America, because we all have a stake in this — our lives, and continuing freedom for future generations. Come to Washington. Join us.


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