DC Gathering Has Higher Purpose

The arrangements are nearly complete: the word is out and the streets of Washington, D.C. will be lined with patriots Saturday, protecting our monuments from further defacement, supporting our troops, and demanding victory, not surrender, in the War on Terror.

There will be anti-troop forces there to be sure, but they will NOT own the streets. The anarchist supporting group ANSWER is working to further embarrass our country by filling the streets with brainless protesters who want to overthrow our government and destroy our way of life.

But, as we did last March, there will be a visible, vocal and effective counter-presence on the streets too. We will be there to remind our unspeakably uninformed members of Congress who probably don’t even realize how badly they embarrassed themselves during questioning of Gen. David Petraeus earlier this week, that the majority of Americans support the troops and understand that there is no alternative to victory in this war.

Groups bringing pro-troop patriots to DC on Sept. 15 including Eagles Landing –; Move America Forward which is hosting an wildly successful nationwide caravan of families and supporters that will be in DC for the events on the 15th –; Military Order of the Purple Heart –; Gathering of Eagles –; Free Republic –; and Vets For Freedom –; among many others.

These organizations and the millions of Americans who support their positions are showing that the majority of us are dedicated to the values and principles espoused by our founding fathers, not the destruction of our country. We want to take the War on Terror right to the terrorists’ doorsteps and eliminate their threat to us, and to the world in general.

We understand that the impetus for opposing the lies and misinformation used by ANSWER and its amen chorus in Congress rests on America’s veterans:  after all, we are the ones who have always been there when our country is in peril. We will stand tall, we always do, but as in March we will be joined by legions of supporters from all facets of the American experience.

We have a message to send to Congress. We want these jokers to know that they may have to bootlick the left-wing extremists who rule their party if they want to continue to be nominated to retain their jobs, but the final word rests with the American voters and we are not happy with them.

Obviously, many Senators and Congressmen have forgotten or choose to ignore the basic truth of our Constitution, that this country represents government BY and FOR THE PEOPLE, not some self-anointed new aristocracy. Our Constitution is quite clear in outlining how our country works, but many in Congress, as evidenced by their reprehensible behavior earlier this week have shown that they believe they are above the Constitution, and obviously above mainstream Americans.

This, coupled with the reprehensible defacement of the Vietnam War Memorial last week, represents irrefutable proof that  the left-wing crazies are out of control and engaged in a frenzy of destruction. Their behavior shows without doubt that the rest of us must stand up and we must stand up now.

We have to make it clear that we will never again allow our military to win all the battles only to have politicians sabotage their sacrifices and victories. We can never again stand idly by as mainstream America did in the 70s and sentence allies who trusted and believed in us to torture, death and enslavement as occurred in Southeast Asia.

We must make it clear that there is no possibility for surrender in this war, because to do so means we will be the ones tortured, killed or enslaved. There will be no haven for members of Congress if they continue on this path to self-destruction.

There will be no cavalry to ride in at the last minute and save them even as millions of mainstream Americans are sacrificed. Members of Congress must understand that if they continue on the course they advocate, this time they will be among the first to face arrest and execution, just as they sentenced millions to arrest and execution in the 70s.

The conduct of many in Congress this week shows that they are horribly out of touch with mainstream America and totally in denial about the nature of the enemy our troops are fighting. Thus, on Saturday, we must stand tall, all of us, because all of us will exult in victory, or suffer horribly in defeat.