North Carolina Now Officially Banana Republic?

If you thought things were bad in North Carolina when illegal aliens had unfettered access to driver’s licenses, they just may have gotten considerably worse.

While you were trying to earn enough to pay the tax collector, the Democratic-led legislature was working overtime to make voting almost as easy and as quick as renting a video or getting a coffee at the drive-through.

The new law is innocuously dubbed “same-day voting” and the main stream media — along with most liberals — love it.  What this “gift” from a legislature dogged by charges of corruption means for North Carolina citizens could be our undoing.

If you wanted to tighten a partisan chokehold on elections you couldn’t achieve through constant gerrymandering, how could you further chip away at the checks and balances that ensure only citizens vote? 

First, you could have issued drivers’ licenses to possibly hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, verified only by foreign matricular cards.  One can imagine the jackpot of fake ID’s and aliases available through creative combinations, transpositions, and slight misspelling of unfamiliar, hyphenated surnames. 

Next, to everyone applying for a NC license, never mind the thousands of fakes issued with “0000” social security numbers; you might have added “Motor Voter” laws, and try to register anyone over eighteen who can get a license.

Then to further remove any contrived inconvenience or impediment to voting, you could have relaxed the documentation required to register to vote right down to requiring only a utility bill, bank statement, or even a welfare check with a name and North Carolina address as proof of residency. 

Add to this, same-day voting that could flood designated one-stop voting locations.  Even with conscientious poll workers that verify the last four digits of a social security number, if date of birth is not verified, six-week-old “anchor” citizens could be voting. 

Who would have thought in the year 2007, when even Mexico requires a fingerprint and photo ID, the only waiting period to vote in the state of North Carolina will be the length of time it takes to get a utility bill, bank statement, or welfare check.

As Carl Mumpower, Asheville City Councilman, who is on the dramatically short list of viable Republican challengers to incumbent Congressman Heath Shuler, said in a recent interview, “a convenience store approach to voting betrays the deeper responsibility of voter privilege”.  Quite so.  Even Blockbuster requires a stranger to present a photo ID before renting a $5.00 video.

The Democrat legislative majority, charged with protecting the integrity of our elections, surely wouldn’t encourage voting by illegal aliens.  After all, it is a felony. However, same-day voting certainly facilitates it. 

Board of Elections employees, who refused to be quoted on the record, are understandably anxious about how to handle the “Pandora’s Box” of same-day voting that means higher voter turn-out and the impossible task of ensuring all voter data bases are current and operational.  There is also concern about what policies will be in place to deal with election certifications when voter challenges arise and voting machines must be accessed to identify and, if possible, retrieve these challenged votes.

With a surge in voter turn-out, lax identification requirements, and harried poll workers, the chances for voter fraud increase exponentially.

Think what chaos could ensue with the first elections on October 9, along with the legal nightmare that might await the nation in the 2008 presidential elections. We may look back to the “hanging chads” election of 2000 as democracy’s halcyon days.

Can you say Banana Republic?