Meet the Citizen Leaders Who Are Changing America

Dear Friend,

I take this newsletter personally, and my hope is you do too.

Every week I write to you about what’s on my mind, the challenges I see facing the nation, or the stories in the news that I think deserve your attention. I pick my topics carefully because, more often than not, I ask you act on them; to contact your government officials and political leaders and do something to change America.

Last week, I wrote to you with a long overdue thank you for everything you’ve done.

But this week is different.

This week, instead of me talking, you’re going to hear from a remarkable group of citizen leaders.

Their voices and their example convey better than I ever could the unique opportunity we all have today to come together to create a better future for every American.

2,000 Americans Sign Up To Host Solutions Day Workshops

“In the business world, we strive for flexibility, the ability to move on a dime and have done everything in our power to eliminate the bureaucracy. It is time the government makes the changes necessary to incorporate these characteristics into its culture. We need to make changes to instill in people a respect for the things this country was built on; the constitution, families and respect for life and liberty. I am thrilled to be able to do my part and help.”

These are the words of Mary Igo of St. Paul Minnesota, a mother, grandmother, and CEO of Minnesota Gastroenterology. This weekend, Mary became the 2000th American to sign up to host a workshop on Solutions Day, Saturday, September 29.

You’ve heard me mention Solutions Day before. On Thursday, September 27th, I will outline the challenges facing our country and how to address these challenges through fundamental transformational change.

Then, on Saturday, September 29, an army of citizen volunteers like Mary Igo will host workshops on a variety topics all related to fundamentally changing our government.

American Solutions will broadcast the opening presentation on September 27 live from the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, and it will include special guests from around the country. The event begins at 7:00 PM EDT and will last 90 minutes.

On September 29th, we will be holding workshops at West Georgia University in Carrolton, Georgia and other locations all around the country hosted by citizens such as yourself. The workshops will be an hour each and will go from 1:00 – 5:30 PM EDT.

Many of the events on September 27 and 29 will be broadcast live on the internet and DISH Satellite network.

It will be a unique opportunity. A not-to-be-missed chance to win a better future.

But don’t just take my word for it.

“America is Not Supposed to Be a Place Where Bridges Collapse and Levees Break”

“Most of us are entirely frustrated with the current state of our government, and are fed up with a system that continuously fails us.”

That’s how Matt Bonner, who is hosting a Tennessee Solutions Day workshop in his hometown, describes why he is getting involved on September 27 and 29.

“America is not supposed to be a place where bridges collapse and levees break,” Matt wrote recently in his local paper, the Ashland City Times. “Our government has become so mired in bureaucracy that it now seems to take an act of God to get anything done.”

Matt’s workshop will be at the Cheatham County Public Library at 188 County Services Drive in Ashland City, Tennessee on September 27 and 29.

To join him in creating real change in Tennessee or anywhere, just go to


Solutions Day Isn’t For Elephants or Donkeys. It’s for Warthogs.

Solutions Day isn’t politics as usual, so it’s not just for Republicans or just for Democrats. It’s for all Americans — Democrat, Republican or Independent — who want to bring about real change.

Maybe you heard me tell the story of what happened to me at Disneyworld.


You see, my grandchildren and I were at a “Lion King” show and I was picked to be one of the animals — not an elephant, as I had expected. And not a lion, or a giraffe either.

I was picked to be a warthog. And it got me thinking:

It’s time for us to have an honest, tough-minded conversation about how we run our country. We’ve become obsessed with our division between red and blue — between elephants and donkeys — and it’s paralyzing us.

The way forward isn’t red versus blue. It’s a citizens’ movement of red, white and blue.

The way to build a better future for our children and grandchildren is for all of us to become warthogs for a change. Who wouldn’t jump at that opportunity?

Meet the Citizen Leaders Who Are Changing America

Bob Avery gets warthogs. He’s our Team Leader in Oregon and he’s looking for more Oregonians to host workshops and participate on Solutions Day.

Here’s how Bob puts it:

“Americans are overwhelmingly demanding transformation in both Washington DC and in Oregon. The old Red vs. Blue will not accomplish the changes needed. Our country works best when “We the People” truly work together to generate solutions for the challenges of today.”

Chris and Jim Wright are citizen volunteers in Raeford, North Carolina. And how’s this for commitment? They’re going to be traveling in Europe on September 27 and 29 so they went out and bought laptop computers so they can still participate in Solutions Day workshops.

And Mark Block is our Wisconsin Team Leader. His organization, Americans for Prosperity, has helped us find volunteer Teams Leaders in South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin so far. To learn more about this fantastic organization, click here.


And if you are a member of a group that wants to get involved on Solutions Day, just visit

Be a Citizen Leader Who Is Changing America

The great thing about organizing a national citizens’ movement is that you get to know all the different personalities that make up a country as optimistic, dynamic and creative as America.

Bryan Spires is a volunteer in Texas. He wrote to me and told me how excited he is to be a part of a movement for real change. This is how he closed his letter — in ALL CAPS so no one would miss his meaning:


That’s the spirit of Solutions Day.

And another citizen volunteer who really captures the spirit of what we’re trying to accomplish at American Solutions is Cindy Hawkins. She runs a program for at-risk kids in Alabaster, Alabama called Kids First.

As busy as she is, Cindy is making time to be a part of Solutions Day. Why? Here’s how she put it in her email to American Solutions Education Director Nancy Bocskor:

“Nancy, I am very excited about American Solutions. I feel very connected to it. I work very hard every day to try and change the way youth and adults think about their future.

I see first-hand some of the issues that some of the suits don’t (suits are people who sit behind the desks).

I do my best to make a difference.”

And now Cindy Hawkins is joining us to make a difference on September 27 and 29.

Solutions Day is About You, Your Family and Your Future

Solutions Day is something different. It’s not the usual partisan politics as usual. When people come up to me and ask me why I’m doing something so different, I tell them that politics as usual isn’t working. For real change, we need real change.

That’s what Solutions Day is about – giving citizens the opportunity to start to change our government. We can choose to do it at the school board level, the city council level, the county commission level, the state legislature level, the congressional level, or the presidential level. The important thing is that we choose to do it.

So if you have an idea that you think is going make life better for yourself, your neighbors and your fellow Americans, this is your opportunity to get involved. It’s not often that an opportunity like this comes along. Now is the time to take action for a better future for America.

Solutions Day is about you. This is your opportunity — and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent.

It’s about you, your family, and your future. Please join us on September 27 and 29.

Newt Gingrich

P.S. — Circle September 10 on your calenders. On that date at the American Enterprise Institute, I will deliver a speech entitled “Defending Civilization and Defeating Evil: An Alternative History of the War since 9/11.” I will explore how the current strategy, structures, and resources of the American security apparatus are utterly inadequate to the scale of the challenges we face. We have active enemies that work every day to destroy us. We are currently not following patterns likely to lead to victory. The gap between current behavior and the requirements of victory is so large that only by developing an alternative history can we make clear the scale of change that will be required for the United States to win this war.

This speech is the beginning of a process to which we invite everyone concerned about preserving our civilization to contribute their ideas over the next year. This process will lead to a publication next year.

P.P.S. — My latest book, Implementing The Art of Transformation: The Workbook is due out on September 29. It’s a citizen’s guide to transforming our society, our institutions and our government to meet today’s challenges and to create a safer, healthier, freer and more prosperous future for every American. The workbook is adapted from my earlier book with Nancy Desmond, The Art of Transformation, which business guru and best-selling author Tom Peters called “a masterful text”… “an original yet pragmatic process to guide us, policy maker and practitioner alike, to transformation.” To pre-order, Click Here.


P.P.P.S — The Los Angeles Times published my article about my Nine Nineties in Nine presidential dialogues. The article largely tracks with my speech at the National Press Club on August 7th. You can read it here.