Where Will the Patriots Be on September 15?

Timed to upstage the crucial September testimony about Iraq of Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker, the ANSWER organization (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) will hold a rally/protest in Washington, DC. But they will not be the only voice: on the other side of the issue, ANSWER will be challenged by Eagles, a gathering of all sorts of Americans who don’t want to lose this war.

There are many diversions available to most Americans on a Saturday in September — lawn mowing, children’s sporting events, and of course, the college football season.

But every so often in history, a need arises that puts all else in perspective, and most diversions are relegated to a place far down the list of priorities. This is one of those times.

Anti-American, anti-democratic forces have designated September 15 as the day they will assemble in Washington, and attempt by subterfuge, diversion, misinformation and misrepresentation to again sway the political will of the US Congress, and ultimately force the Bush Administration to accept a premature withdrawal from Iraq.

The ANSWER-types will be working from a template used by John Kerry, Jane Fonda and their ilk in the 60s and 70s that proved successful in convincing Congress that the Vietnam War could not be won, even as US and South Vietnamese forces and our allies won victory upon victory.

This time the lose-the-war demonstrators will attempt to convince Congress to abandon Iraq and set the stage for surrender in the War on Terror, even as Gen. David Petraeus is reporting that our military efforts in Iraq are succeeding.

The template used by ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism sounds benign doesn’t it?) convinced Congress in 1973 to cut off all aid to a faithful ally at just the moment it was proving it could stand on its own, resulting in the fall of three Southeast Asian countries, and the slaughter of millions of innocents at the hands of bloodthirsty, rampaging communist forces.

If the ANSWER forces are successful this time, the target will be the United States and its citizens, not an ally thousands of miles away.

But unlike the 60s and 70s, the anti-war lemmings will not have the streets or the political stage to themselves. This time, Eagle Americans — we who support our troops, understand the stakes in the War on Terror and the true nature of our enemy, who aren’t blinded by an insane hatred of our way of life and our form of government — will also be in Washington, D.C., to show Congress that we will not tolerate another betrayal of our own forces or our allies.

Eagles will land in Washington to protect our monuments from desecration, show overwhelming support for our troops and their mission, and ensure that Gen. Petraeus knows he has an army of loyal supporters here at home.

We will gather as we did on March 17 to confirm the 60s generation’s day is over and that the battle has been joined on the home front. Eagles will make the point that the benign intentions expressed to a collaborating media are not the true intent of these fake ‘patriots’ who, when no one is looking, desecrate our memorials, insult and assault wounded members of the military, interrupt and dishonor warrior burials, and undermine our troops who are putting their lives on the line to secure our freedoms.

Members of the ANSWER organization have gathered on Friday nights outside the gates of the Walter Reed US Army Medical Center in Washington to hurl verbal insults at wounded American soldiers and their families entering and leaving the facility.

This reprehensible, despicable behavior is not an aberration, as demonstrated by the nationwide drive to desecrate memorials to our war dead and veterans.

In March, the Vietnam “Wall” and other war memorials on the National Mall were targeted for desecration by the ANSWER demonstrators, as they may be again on September 15. In March a mass of pro-troop supporters, outnumbering the ANSWER forces by at least 3 to 1, gathered between the Vietnam and World War II Memorials, and sent people to the Korean War Memorial to dissuade anyone who doesn’t understand the difference between free speech and criminality.

In March an attempt was made to overpower police lines and force its way to the Vietnam Memorial by a group dressed in a manner mimicking Islamo-fascist terrorists. It failed because we blocked their way, peacefully but firmly.

Attempts to do the same thing on September 15 can expect to meet a similar obstacle, and a similar failure.

While the anti-democracy forces are well-funded by pro-left, anti-Americans, we Eagles have steadily been building our own coalition to stop ANSWER in its tracks, and keep Congress focused on winning the war, not their political ambitions.

Groups working to bring true patriots to DC on Sept. 15 including Eagles Landing; Move America Forward which is hosting a nationwide caravan of families and supporters starting in California and arriving in DC on the 15th; Military Order of the Purple Heart; Gathering of Eagles; Free Republic; and Vets For Freedom — in addition to many other pro-troop organizations.

These are the same people who took it upon themselves, with no prior organization, absolutely no planned publicity from the main stream media, and to gather in DC in March to block ANSWER’s efforts to desecrate our memorials and deny victory to our troops and our country.

There is no question about our intent, or our willingness to stand up to America’s enemies here and abroad. We gathered our large flocks easily in March, we stopped ANSWER in its tracks peacefully, and when all was said and done, the worst the New York Times could say about us was that some anti-American demonstrators had their feelings hurt by our presence.

We intend to be back in DC on September 15, to protect our memorials and show the country that our military will not be stabbed in the back by anti-American demonstrators again. We will put off the various diversions and distractions, we will put aside less pressing matters, and we will come to DC by rail, car, bus, motorcycle, airplane — whatever it takes.

The anti-American, anti-troop forces will find what they found last time, a solid mass of patriotic Americans who will not let our country be sabotaged as it was in the 60s and 70s. This time there will not be a Silent Majority, there will be a Vocal Majority, standing peacefully but firmly in witness of the value of our form or government and way of life.

Eagles know what we will be doing on September 15. The only question I have now is what will you be doing, September 15th? Check the Eagles website for a patriotic opportunity.

Will you stand up for America on September in Washington, D.C., lock arms, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, with other Americans and send a message of courage, hope, and unity? I hope to see you there.