Facebook Generation Votes Obama

Facebook, a social networking website (that "as of July 2007, has the largest number of registered users among college-focused sites with over 34 million active members worldwide") shows that the majority of young voters who identify themselves as liberals will choose Barack Obama in 2008.

As of yesterday Obama’s profile showed that he has 129,225 supporters where as Hillary Clinton only has 35,931. Is this more than a generational gap?

The Facebook Newsvine election application (189,479 votes cast) also shows Obama leading overall with 48,283 votes over Rudy Giuliani with 17,815 votes. When viewing votes for Democrats only — Obama towers over Hillary Clinton with 46% of the vote to her 14%.

Students and young professionals that have commented on Obama’s Facebook profile or committed to support him on their own Facebook profile through common interest groups make remarks such as:

“I believe you have the ability to unite this country.”

“Mr. Obama, it’s time for a change. A long needed well deserved change.”

“Are you real? Or is this fake? Can you save us?”

“Finally. Someone who provokes change.”

“I’m helping to change American Politics by helping Barack Obama get elected – and generally bringing hope to the country.”

Earlier reports have also stated that Obama has secured the 18-24 year old vote among Democrats.

In contrast, interest groups on Facebook have recently boasted that they “hate” Obama stemming from his current remarks about his compliance to launch unilateral military strikes against al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

“Obama threatened to bomb my country to try to win votes with his voters ! I hate that ‘expletive’!” said a Pakitani student from Jacobs University in Bremen Germany. Luckily for Obama most of the students using expletives about him are international students, not American citizens.

When using the search terms “I hate Obama” there are roughly 50 common interest groups. When using the terms “I hate Hillary” there are 175. While using Facebook’s search engine to retrieve content on the search term “Hillary” the first 80 of 500 plus common interest groups were anti Hillary (at least 40 named “Anybody but Hillary”).

Just as much Obama is the obvious favorite among the millions of youthful Democratic Facebook users Hillary is the clear villain.

On the Republican front Rudy Giuliani is the leader in the Facebook Newsvine election application. Giuliani claims 23% of the votes over Ron Paul who comes in second with 18%. Strangely I could not find Rudy’s Facebook profile. Perhaps the incident with his daughter Caroline Giuliani’s publicly supporting Obama on her profile left him Facebookless. Or maybe the generational issue cuts across parties. Will the Republicans pay attention?