What's Your Political I.Q.?: August 13-17


1. Following a recent FBI raid on his home, Sen. Ted Stevens (R.-Alaska) was in the headlines. After 39 years in office, Stevens has served in the Senate longer than any Republican senator in history. Who previously held that record? 

2. Stevens served in the “Flying Tigers” under Gen. Claire Chennault in World War II. How many other current U.S. senators are World War II veterans?

3. Stevens was first appointed to the U.S. Senate by a governor of Alaska who turns 90 this month. Can you name him? 

4. Stevens and fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski are Alaska’s two senators. Since Alaska became a state in 1959, it has elected six U.S. senators. Besides Stevens and Murkowski, how many of the other Alaska senators can you name? 

5. How many times did Stevens run for the Senate before he made it?


1. The late Sen. Strom Thurmond (S.C.), who held his seat as a Republican for 38 years (1964-2002). Thurmond actually served in the Senate from 1954-2002, but was a Democrat until ’64. 

2. Just one: Sen. Daniel K. Inouye (D.-Hawaii), who served in the Japanese-American 442nd Regiment of the U.S. Army in Europe. 

3. Walter J. Hickel, who was Republican governor from 1966-68, secretary of the Interior from 1969-70, and again served as governor as an Alaskan Independence Party member from 1990-94. 

4. Democrats Ernest Gruening (1959-68), E.L. “Bob” Bartlett (1959-68), and Mike Gravel (1968-80) and Republican Frank Murkowski (1980-2002).

5. Twice. He lost a general election in 1962 and a primary in 1968, but was appointed to the Senate later in 1968 after the death of Sen. Bartlett.