HUMAN EVENTS Needs Your Help

We’ve never done this before.  Most of the other conservative journals often pass the plate, but this is our first venture into internet fundraising and if the Postal Service hadn’t blindsided us, we probably wouldn’t be doing it now.  

Mark Twain once remarked that, “No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session.” To give you an idea of how bad it is in Washington these days, you — and we — aren’t even safe when Congress is OUT of session.

Congress didn’t commit this particular act of BIG GOVERNMENT excess. The Postal Service did. It has just walloped HUMAN EVENTS with a sudden postage increase that will cost us an additional $120,000 extra per year to deliver HUMAN EVENTS to you.

Interestingly enough — and you have to think about earmarks and other abuses government inflicts when you read this — the US Postal Service has hit us, hard, with a huge and unexpected rate increase that (wonder of wonders) affects small publications such as HUMAN EVENTS but not big ones like Time Magazine. The big liberal media must have lobbyists to protect them from the Postal Service, and apparently they do a fine job. (Maybe these were the lobbyists that Hillary was talking about when she defended corporate lobbyists in one of the recent candidate debates.)

Just so you understand how large an increase we’re talking about here, our per-copy postal rate will shoot up by 16.86%. On top of that, the Post Office added a “container fee,” which brings the total cost addition to 20.6%. It’s a cost increase that only a liberal could love. And it’s one we can’t bear.

HUMAN EVENTS is the one place where you can go — every weekday — for the best conservative commentary and reporting. Our team works harder than the others because we’re smaller and have to cover a lot of ground to give you what you want and need. And we do it gladly, with pride. We watch Congress and the White House every minute: we watch what’s going on in the war, on illegal immigration, taxes and — natch — out of control government spending so you can find out what’s going on just by clicking on to learn the good news and the bad in time for you to help do something about it.

This rate hike, which HUMAN EVENTS cannot afford, may drive many smaller periodicals and papers out of business, but it does not affect many mainstream publications. Why not? The clever executives from Time Warner and other Big Media companies are the ones who proposed this new increase in the first place. Think of it as earmarks for them, taxes for us.

Our subscription prices are purposely low, and our web site — as you know if you are reading this online — is free.

For 63 years, we have striven to bring up-to-the-minute news to our readership around the country. This rate hike threatens HUMAN EVENTS’ future.

Please make as big a contribution as you are able. We appreciate your support over the years, and we thank you in advance for your generosity today.

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