Rebuilding Republican Leadership

Rep. Tom Price (R.-Ga.) thinks there’s “a disconnect” between the political powers-that-be and the American people.

“This nation is closer in agreement with Republican conservative policies that with liberal Democrat policies,” he said yesterday in a meeting at The Heritage Foundation. “Those…most aligned with the American people ought to be in the majority.”

But Republicans need a route to get back in the power of the majority. 

Price contends there are some “hallmark issues…that precipitated the decline” of the Republican party — starting with spending and taxing at the federal level.

In the past seven years, Republicans have been so in name only on too many issues — especially the obscene amounts of money spent on earmarks. Leaders such as Rep. Jeff Flake (R.-Ariz.) and Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) tried unsuccessfully to rein in rampant spending in 2006 in a bi-partisan effort to reinstate government accountability.

With earmark reform targeted, Republicans may be back on the path conservatives demand.  Americans elected a Democrat leadership in 2006 because they wanted a change but seven months later, that change has yielded nothing but headaches and false promises — or “doublespeak” as Price put it.

“This is [like] an Orwellian democracy because what you see is Democrat leadership saying one thing and doing something different,” said Price.

Price referred to the “Employee Free Choice Act,” which eradicates worker’s freedom to a secret ballot on union votes.  The “Fairness Doctrine” — anything but fair — which Democrats hope to reinstate is evidence doublespeak as well.

Bush Administration Iraq war policies provided an excuse to elect Democrats but since 2006, the Dems have done nothing to improve policy or provide new options for success. As Price put it, they are “vested in defeat.”

As the Democrats urge Republicans and President Bush to change course in Iraq prematurely, Price said they are only playing politics. U.S. Army Commander Gen. David Petraeus will report in September on the results of the troop surge and, Price said,  that will be the appropriate time for decision-making.

Playing political theatre, the Dems attempted to wear down Republicans in a Senate debate that lasted through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

Price said it was a “stunt” that was a “disingenuous…insincere…and cynical move on the part of this majority.” 

When it comes to issues that matter, Americans are putting up a fight — the results show in — for example– the defeat of the immigration reform bill and the Employee Free Choice Act. 

The future of healthcare is also in play for 2008. Democrat candidates vie for universal coverage while many are hesitant to hand over their health to a government bureaucracy.

 The SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) — which aims to cover as many children as possible — is the next step to universal healthcare according to Price. “It clearly demonstrates their desire to see government involved in the most personal and intimate decisions about healthcare,” he said.

Price wants to “put the power in the hands of the patient.” Free market ideas built America and Democrat policies destroy that foundation.

The “Fairness Doctrine,” meant by Dems to stifle conservative talk radio, demonstrates the opposite of the free market. Price calls it a “real and imminent threat to freedom” that will eliminate “appropriate political discourse in the nation.”

“This majority [Dems] won’t be able to deliver on what they said…and Americans will get tired of that,” said Price. “We’ll see the results in the ’08 elections.”