How's Your Political I.Q.?: July 16-20


1. John McCain was much in the news last week. McCain has been a senator from Arizona since 1986. Whom did he succeed in the Senate?

2. McCain also served in the U.S. House from 1982-86. Whom did he succeed in the House?

3. Prior to McCain in 2000, who was the last Arizonan to seek a major party nomination for President?

4. Only one other former Vietnam prisoner of war aside from McCain currently serves in Congress. Can you name him?

5. Since the founding of the Republican Party in 1856, only four Democrats have won a majority of the popular vote in races for President. How many of them can you name?


1. Republican Barry Goldwater, who held the seat from 1968-86.

2. Republican John J. Rhodes, who held the seat from 1952-82 and was Republican leader of the House from 1974-82.

3. Bruce Babbit, who sought the Democratic nomination in 1992.

4. Rep. Sam Johnson (R.-Tex.).

5. Jimmy Carter in 1976, Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, ’36, ’40,j and ’44, and Samuel J. Tilden in 1876 (Tilden won a majority of the popular vote, but lost the electoral voteto Republican Rutherford B. Hayes and thus lost the presidency.)