Democrats Show Their Stuff

We are nearly 500 days away from Election Day but last Thursday we got a good look at what the Democrats will be running on: opening borders, ignoring terrorists, raising taxes and counting by race.

The cloture vote on immigration reform last Thursday revealed that each and every Democratic Senator running for President favored the Bush immigration reform plan. However they dress it up and however they explain their votes a year from now we have recorded votes from Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd in favor of granting immediate legal status to 12-20 million illegal aliens with only the flimsiest and most unrealistic plan for border enforcement. Unless John McCain rises from the political grave, the Republican nominee will be assured of a powerful issue on which the vast majority of the American people agree with him and strongly oppose the Bush plan endorsed by the Democratic Gang of 4.

Thursday was also memorable for yet another Democratic candidate debate in which no mention was made of terrorism or Islamic fundamentalism. Apparently having convinced themselves that talk of terrorist threats is passé, not a single candidate thought to raise the issue. Perhaps convinced that Americans have “moved on” from 9-11 or are indifferent to domestic terror plots like JFK Airport or Fort Dix, they see no reason to demonstrate their determination to protect Americans. It is simply not their issue.

In the same Thursday debate the Democrats did talk quite a bit about a favorite topic: raising taxes. John Edwards declared: “we need to get rid of George Bush’s tax cuts for rich people — (applause) — which have distorted the tax system in America. I would use that money to pay for universal health care, to make sure everyone’s covered.” Obama intoned: ““What people really want is fairness. They want people paying their fair share of taxes. They want that money allocated fairly.” Clinton also pledged that “we have to change the tax system.” So for those who favor a return to higher marginal rates, reinstatement of a 55% death tax, and repeal of breaks on business investment, this crowd is for you.

Thursday was also the day of the momentous Supreme Court decision invalidating the Seattle and Louisville school plans which sorted and assigned students to schools by race. At the debate, each of the Democratic candidates attempted to demonstrate their devotion to the notion that discrimination means something other than discrimination. Refusing to categorize citizens by race, according to Clinton, is “turning the clock back” to the world before Brown v. Board of Education. None of her opponents ventured to quibble or point out that the Brown case in fact made clear that the government was not supposed to treat its citizens differently based on race.

In addition to their stands on immigration, taxes, terrorists and race, the potential Democratic nominee will be running on some pre-June 28 gems like re-imposing the “fairness” doctrine (i.e. eliminating those pesky talk radio hosts who wrecked the grand immigration bargain).

Now, certainly 2008 will not be an easy year for Republicans, particularly if the Iraq government proves incapable of taking political and military control of their country, but those bemoaning the fate of the GOP nominee in 2008 should take heart. The GOP nominee will be opposing a Democrat running on the June 28 platform of opening borders, ignoring terrorists, raising taxes and counting by race. Not a bad opponent.