Israel Needs Real Leadership

The enemy knows us much better that we know ourselves. Strong in billions of dollars shamelessly lavished by the United States and the European Union in a futile attempt to keep them under restraint, two terrorist groups waged a bloody civil war that culminated in the establishment of two parallel governments: one "secular nationalist" in the West Bank and the other Islamist in Gaza. It has been a fight for control and it’s not over: both Hamastan and Fatahstan will battle for winning the hearts and minds (and money) of the international community.

The ongoing events are disastrous, and the inevitable consequence of the appeasement policy practiced by our leaders, who — in the aftermath of the death of terrorist leader Yasser Arafat — pressured the Palestinians to hold not free and fair elections, even though the outcome was predictable. Worse, Hamas’ election victory was widely encouraged and cheered as the beginning of  a ‘new era’ based on ‘moderation’, ignoring a history in which this gang murdered the dozens of Jewish civilians  in cold blood, as well as their charter inspired by Hitler’s "Mein Kampf" and centred on wiping Israel off the map.|

Moreover, the Israeli people have been ruled for a decade by irresponsible leaders who care more about making a good impression with world public opinion than protecting their own citizens. Israel’s worst former prime minister, Shimon Peres, paved the way for more Palestinian terrorism by signing a sham ‘peace deal’ with thug-in-chief Yasser Arafat.
Following in his footsteps, Ehud Barak pledged to hand over almost all of the then Israel-controlled territories to its enemy, who readily refused the offer and, responded with more terror. Despite a security fence aimed at stopping the flow of would-be suicide bombers, the hawkish former prime minister Ariel Sharon didn’t hesitate to continue in the old tradition of making one unconditional territorial concession after another. Just before falling ill, Sharon withdrew all Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip, a unilateral step praised by both Europe and the United States.

To add insult to injury, the Olmert administration has been standing idly by while rockets continue to fall on Sderot. He attempted to buy the favor of the Hamas-controlled Palestinian cabinet by promising more territorial concessions and forgetting that three Israel Defense Forces soldiers are still in the hands of these ‘moderate’ assassins. Eager to counterbalance the United States in the Middle Eastern region, Europe deserves most of the blame. It has poured billions into Hamas and Fatah’s pockets, campaigned for political legitimization of the former and successfully pressured Israel to release blood-thirsty terrorists serving prison terms for murdering Jews.

Italy is definitely the leading force of appeasement in the area and has a three decade-long record of pro-Arab bias. With the exception of a five year period of relatively pro-Israel Berlusconi government, the Italians played a destructive role that often jeopardized the national security of the Jewish state, as well as the already-weak relations between the latter and Italy. Foreign minister Massimo D’Alema (a former communist party member) recently paid a visit to his pal, Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, and made it clear that the Italian government will stand with Damascus against a U.N. Security Council resolution that would establish an International Tribunal. This would try several high rank Syrian officials involved in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri. D’Alema said that "Hamas and Hezbollah contributed to keep safe our UNIFIL troops in South Lebanon". This claim proves the existence of unofficial diplomatic relations with genocidal gangs. In reality, this isn’t the first time an Italian government has made a similar dirty deal. In 1982, Italian troops were spared from suicide bombings in Beirut following a pact with Hezbollah.

Mainstream media and world political leaders failed to consider the fighting among terrorist factions in Gaza as "civil war"– though they are more than willing to use it in reference to Iraq. Notwithstanding, Western nations — Europe (and Italy) on the forefront — are urging an international ‘peacekeeping’ force. This proposal would put Israeli soldiers’ lives at risk only to protect a death cult society who voted for its own disgrace. Hamastan is the first stage toward an Islamic caliphate in the Middle East and it would target the Jewish nation as well. Yesterday there were the kamikazes, today the rockets and tomorrow likely an al Qaeda stronghold in the Gaza Strip, courtesy of Hamas. It is unacceptable that our leaders will fund a ‘more moderate’ terrorist group (Fatah/PLO) to fight another. Turning on the money taps for Hamas is bad but then to regret it and cry crocodile tears is worse.
I fear for Israel’s fate. Her faith is faltering.  It is disheartening to see the United States reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood, ancestors of Hamas. What will be next?
A solution to our moral confusion exists. Israel requires hard-line leaders willing to re-occupy Gaza, forcibly topple Hamas  and stay there without a withdrawal plan. But it should be done for her survival, — not to rescue death lovers.  It is time for hawks to come out and make it clear that there will be no Palestinian state in the future.