'Take Back America' Highlights: From Bad to Worse

There isn’t enough Tylenol in the world to have sat through the 2007 Take Back America Conference (over 3,000 liberals in one room cheering things like “John Edwards rules”). It’s bad enough to have to wade through this muck and mire through the online campaign sites and YouTube. But we at HUMAN EVENTS are tough. We pulled on our chest high waders, donned our gas masks and now present the best (from our point of view) moments of the Democratic presidential candidate’s speeches at the annual Take Back America conference.


Dennis Kucinich took the stage on Wednesday. “We love you Dennis!” shouted a woman from the crowd. Kucinich gave 20 minute speech in which he connected peace with everything from foreign affairs, to environmental issues, to health care, the economy and international law. “The world is ready to fall in love with America all over again” said Kucinich right before he ended his speech with this “alleluia — amen” type of rant.

“I tell you…there is a new America out there, a new world out there, I can see it. It is just waiting to be called forward it is waiting for us to see it together… it is waiting to see a nation of peace, a nation with full employment, a nation with healthcare for all, a nation with education for all, a nation with peace for all, a nation with civil liberties for all, a nation with compassion for all, a nation with love for all. [now yelling] This is a new America, lets call it forward — AMERICA, AMERICA, AMERICA, thank you.”


“The American military has succeeded. It is the Iraqi government that has failed." Those are the words of Hillary Clinton that evoked loud booing on Wednesday at the TBA Conference. Could this be yet another validation that the left doesn’t support the military?

Seemingly caught off guard by the crowds reaction Clinton then nervously joked "I like speaking here every year — I see the signs that say get us out of Iraq. That is what we are trying to do." Perhaps the booing brought her back to last years conference where she was also booed while voicing her opposition to a set date to withdraw the troops from Iraq.

Hillary did please the crowd on several occasions in her 30 minutes speech (comments like “impeach him” and “get us out” echoed through the auditorium) although her heckles are sure to be the hottest news coming out of the conference. On its blog The Nation writes “All in all, she did better compared to last year. But it was no honeymoon, either. ” The New Republic said that the press gathered at her speech merely to see if there would be more booing.


On Tuesday Barack Obama made his appearance at TBA. “Beat the GOP” the crowd chanted as he began his speech. Obama’s 3,000 word speech has received rave reviews. called it a “red meat” speech. Not only did Obama seem to rock the progressive house and dominate Clinton’s heckled words — Obama won the TBA straw poll conducted by Obama received 29% of the 720 votes cast in the poll. Edwards took 26% and Clinton came in third at 17%. (Is Hillary melting down like John McCain?)

"They [Bush Administration] think they own this government but, we are here to tell them today that our government is not for sale and we are taking it back," said Obama.


“No more pontificating, no more vacillating, no more triangulating, no more broken promises, no more pats on the head, no more ‘we’ll get around to it next time,’ no more taking half a loaf, no more ‘tomorrow,’” Edwards said, continuing the trend of list like rants that TBA speakers have made though out the conference.

Edwards speech ran immediately following Obama (who was a tough act to follow). The National Journal wrote "In general, the crowd seemed a bit more sympathetic to the Illinois senator’s campaign, giving bigger reaction to Obama than Edwards."

Edwards continued his campaign for the poor though out his speech, he even said that speaking for the poor is what his life is about. "I will speak for the poor, the uninsured, the disenfranchised — this is my life, he said. I will do this as long as I am alive."


Mike Gravel (introduced by Ralph Nader) began his speech by joining the crowd in singing “Power to the people.” Gravel’s 7 minute speech was extremely short in comparison to the running time of the top tier candidates speeches. As for the song, let’s just say he shouldn’t quit his day job. (Ooops. He doesn’t have one.)


Honorable mention goes to Actor Jason Alexander (“Seinfield”) even though he’s not running for president he too decided to Take Back America. He drew in only few laughs and most of his jokes tanked.

“Im not often asked to do political stuff, and when I ask ‘why didn’t you think of me for this’ they say ‘well we didn’t know you were political. And I don’t know what that means — what am I? — a smurf?” said Alexander.