'Orrible 'Arry Reid

Yes, conservatives are angry with the President. And yes, we’re going to hang in there as long as it takes and work as hard as needs be to defeat this disastrous immigration bill he’s pushing. We won’t give in, we won’t compromise on border security. And we won’t be bought off with the $4.4 billion he offered to spend on “security and job enforcement” the other day.

But no matter how angry we are with President Bush, we can’t take our eyes off the Democrats, especially ‘Orrible ‘Arry Reid.

How much lower can Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-N.V.) sink? Every time he seems to hit bottom, Reid does something that delves deeper. Such as the little incident a few days ago when — just to upstage the President’s visit to Capitol Hill to lobby for that misbegotten McKennedy immigration bill – Reid scheduled a “moment of silence” on the Senate floor supposedly to honor the fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was cheap and sleazy. Why cheap and sleazy?

Measure the moment of silence against Reid’s antiwar antics. Back in April, fighting against funding the Iraq war, Reid proclaimed the war lost. He’s so enmeshed in the anti-Bush anti-war rhetoric that — having failed to stop the war in April — he’s about to try it again. He said – this week — that the troop surge has failed. But before he tries to compel that to be true by legislating it as fact, Reid is now attacking people such as Generals Pace and Petraeus.

Reid’s acid-laced rhetoric reached a new concentration on Tuesday when he called retiring Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Peter Pace, “incompetent” and reportedly said the same about Iraq overall commander Gen. David Petraeus. (Yesterday Reid essentially called Petraeus a liar for saying violence is down in Baghdad. And he backed off from saying Petraeus is incompetent.)

Pace and Petraeus are two of the finest men I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. My verdict on Pace and Petraeus is not unique. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerny, USAF (Ret.), for whom Petraeus worked as a young officer, and Lt. Gen. Mike DeLong (USMC, Ret.) who also worked with Petraeus both told me that Petraeus is one of the best men in uniform today. Responding to Reid’s insult, Gen. McInerny told me, “It is extraordinary that the senate majority leader is personally attacking two of our finest military leaders in wartime just for his political agenda. This is a historic betrayal of our military.”

Someone should remind Reid that Petraeus is now doing the toughest military job since Dwight Eisenhower ran the Allied war against Germany. This is how the Democrats support the troops. By calling their commanders names. Why is Reid in such a lather?

Because he can talk, but can’t produce. He’s desperate to pay off the hardest of the hard-core antiwar left for giving the Dems control of the Senate in last year’s election.

Reid is stuck: there’s a president standing in the way who has already vetoed one of the Dems “cut and run” plans, and in that Mr. Bush is backed not only by most Senate Republicans but even a few of the Dems. In their last presidential “debate” at least one of the Dem presidential wannabes — Delaware Sen. Joe Biden — said something shocking: he wouldn’t vote against funds for the Iraq effort while Americans were in harm’s way. It’s only shocking because that puts the pluperfect liberal Biden to the right of 99.9% of his party.

Fighting the Iraq supplemental appropriations bill in April, Reid tried to win by deploying his less than withering wit against the Vice President. It was only about six weeks ago, when Mr. Cheney was bashing the Democrats’ irresponsibility on Iraq, that Reid said, “I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog…somebody who has a 9-percent approval rating.”

That didn’t seem to work too well. According to the latest polls, Reid has only a 19 percent approval rating and Mr. Cheney was up to about 38 percent. Just how bad is Reid doing? At this point, Reid’s popularity ratings are high only in comparison to Paris Hilton’s. Mizz Hilton — according to the latest from Rasmussen — is at about 12 points to Reid’s 19. (That same poll said that even Lindsay Lohan beat Reid. She’s one point higher than he is.) But Paris claims to have had a jail-induced epiphany, so by the time she gets out she’ll probably beat Reid even before she gets to her hairdresser. No hairdo is going to save Harry Reid from the lefties who will soon be screaming for his scalp if he can’t force a withdrawal from Iraq.

Reid’s rhetoric will accelerate because he’s under enormous pressure from the left’s radicals. His 19% rating is driven as much by the Michael Mooron-CodePink-Murthacrats who expect war-losing results.

You can read their fervor and frustration on their blogs. The underside of the left — the hardest of the hard core — is bashing Reid personally. According to the DailyKos, “There is, of course, one course of action Reid and the other Dem leaders are not prepared to take: use the Feingold-Reid and Iraq Study Group framework to change the course of this debate by setting a date certain for redeployment, and reframe the debate as a change in mission to get us the hell out.” Apparently, Reid isn’t tough enough for them.

After Reid’s Dems couldn’t override President Bush’s veto, “The Hollywood Liberal” wrote, “Harry Reid is on the list. Harry, Harry, Harry, you were the one who claimed that the Democrats would never back down. You got no (****) Harry, you’ve got to go too.” That firestorm hasn’t died down. Just last Monday, the “Down with Tyranny” blog wrote, “Reid is useless. Is there any way to put someone with some (****) in his job? I’m not up on the finer points of Parliamentary process, but he’s got to go.” Reid can’t defuse these bomb-throwers without results. So he’ll try again, and lose again.

Reid wants to provoke a new showdown with the President over Iraq, this time in the 2008 Defense Authorization bill. Saying, “On Iraq, we’re going to hold the president’s feet to the fire,” Reid (rising to the DailyKos challenge) is planning to bring back the Feingold-Reid language which would force withdrawal from Iraq by the end of March 2008. He may add to that “troop readiness” criteria (the Murtha idea) and possibly Hillary’s plan to terminate the war authorization passed in late 2002.

Reid won’t win. And not a single Dem will scold him for calling Pace and Petraeus incompetent. But we end where we began. The President has time to defend Alberto Gonzales, but not to stand up and say a few kind words about two of our greatest soldiers. Why?