Middle East Reality Check

I don’t like to spend too much time reading U.N. pronouncements.

It makes my blood pressure rise.

One inadvertently crossed my path the other day. Sure enough, a one-paragraph blurb set off this 650-word tirade of a response.

It seems the new Brit picked by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to hold the lofty position of special coordinator for the Middle East peace process is "concerned" over Israel’s arrests of senior Hamas officials.

Michael Williams points out that in most cases, Israel has failed to bring any charges against those arrested a day earlier. Among those detained were the so-called "Palestinian education minister" and several members of Parliament.

Why did Israel detain several Hamas officials?

Because Hamas has been launching rocket attacks on Israeli civilians for a solid week — without interruption.

Let me tell you what I would do with Hamas officials if I were in charge of Israel. I would shoot them on sight!

As long as these leaders are permitting their militias to fire rockets on Israeli civilians, they are fair game. In fact, I would say Israeli officials have a duty and a responsibility to protect their civilians by destroying those attacking them.

The fact that Hamas officials are only being detained while this unprovoked violence continues is amazing to me. This kind of restraint only encourages more unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians.

If Israel is guilty of anything, it is appeasement of these Islamo-fascist terrorists.

Would British officials be satisfied detaining leaders of terrorists who were engaged in firing rockets at British civilians? I don’t think so.

I suppose in fairness I should point out the United Nations has urged Hamas to stop its rocket attacks on Israel "to pave the way for a ceasefire." Hamas says it is "studying" the proposal.

The fact that Hamas is studying the proposal shows conclusively that it controls these attacks. Were the attacks not being directed by Hamas leadership, presumably that leadership would say the matter is out of its control. It did not say that. It was not that disingenuous — not nearly as disingenuous as U.N. officials. In fact, Hamas tacitly acknowledged that it considers itself at war with Israel, which it is — and always will be.

And that’s why Israel needs to fight for complete victory or decide to fold up its tent as a nation. By acting like a co-equal belligerent rather than a legitimate nation defending its civilians, Israel feeds this irrationality, this insanity, this evil.

Kofi Annan may be gone, but the corrupt U.N. charade continues.

Ban Ki-moon might as well be on the moon. He certainly has no understanding of the way things work on this planet.

Hamas and Israel are never going to resolve their conflict by talking, despite what the United Nations suggests. The only way that conflict will be resolved is when one side destroys the other.

Hamas is determined to destroy Israel. Unfortunately, Israel, which has the power to destroy Hamas, has no will to do so. It lacks the guts to protect its own civilian population from constant attacks.

If Israel keeps making unilateral land concessions to these monsters, it will be left with an even more demoralized public, more towns and cities under siege, more death and destruction of innocents and more dead Jews.

I understand why the United Nations doesn’t see this. The United Nations is run by a bunch of anti-Semite, anti-western, anti-freedom bigots. I don’t understand why so few other commentators and journalists see this.

It is as if blinders have been placed on their eyes. It is as if they cannot distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil.

The world faces a choice: more homicidal Islamo-fascist regimes run by the likes of Hamas or more law-abiding, peace-loving, freedom-loving states like Israel.

To me the choice is clear.

Kill the bad guys — or be killed.