How's Your Political I.Q.?: June 4-8


1. Newt Gingrich is holding the door open to seeking the Republican nomination for President in ’08. Who was the last speaker of the House to run for a major-party nomination for President? 

2. Who was the last speaker to be on a national party ticket?
3. Excluding Jimmy Carter, who was the last Georgian to seek a major-party nomination for President?

4. Who was the last former member of the House to serve as President?

5. Who was the last former House member to serve as Vice President? 


1. John Nance Garner of Texas, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination in 1932. 

2. Garner, who served as Vice President from 1932-40. 

3. Sen. Richard B. Russell, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination.

4. Republican George H.W. Bush, House member from Texas from 1966-70.

5. Current Vice President Dick Cheney, House member from Wyoming from 1978-89.