It's Mourning in America

Memorial Day has come and gone.  And the historical record provided by those who write “the first draft of history” will forever show that — in this time of war — there was a sense of great loss and of mourning in America. 

It is obviously appropriate on Memorial Day to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom, and also the loved ones that have been left behind.  The problem with the coverage this Memorial Day is that the stories were no different than stories from the day before and the day after. 

The “coverage” the agitprop media provides to the information-hungry public succeeds only in making readers roll their lips and shake their heads.  The essential message is that this war is misguided and each American life lost is a life wasted. 

The mainstream media is not committing “journalism” so much as they are acting — willfully — as the megaphone for the so-called “anti-war movement,” and Memorial Day was no holiday for them.

As with any other day, there were apparently no heroics and no heroes.  No victories and nothing to cheer or to provide even a glimmer of hope in these critical times.  No progress, only loss and lament.

In this war, there are only two stories from the front that the MSM tells.  The first is the U.S. body count, which they report with an unseemly zeal.  The second is the “successes” of the enemy.  Successes such as car bombs that kill “X” number of civilians.  Getting those headlines in the U.S. papers is the central purpose of the mad bombers, by the way.  The path to success for radical Islam is to chip away at public resolve in the U.S.   That’s the mission of the press as well.

The Monday holiday was observed proudly by Americans who remembered and honored the loved ones that have paid the ultimate price for freedom, in wars from Germany (Germany again) and Japan to Afghanistan and Iraq.  But in a time of war, it is also a day to appreciate those who are currently in harm’s way.  Unless you run a major newspaper.

The Memorial Day headlines were, “Another Memorial Day Marks Grief’s Journey,” in the Washington Post and, “Militants Widen Reach as Terror Seeps Out of Iraq.”  As though the terror of the Islamo-lunatics had somehow been limited to Iraq until last week. 

Hidden deep inside these beacons of journalistic excellence, the custodians of the First Amendment wedged brief reports on a raid by U.S. Army troops in Iraq in which American soldiers killed seven members of al Qaeda, captured 30 more — and, oh by the way, they rescued 41 kidnapped Iraqis, many of whom had broken bones and had apparently been tortured by the pit-dwelling savages from Hell. 

Somehow this story did not merit front-page coverage on Memorial Day. 

Among the kidnap victims rescued by American troops was a 13 year-old boy who had been snatched off the street and tortured during his four months in captivity for having committed the un-Islamic act of smoking.  Our troops were able to free the captives because of a tip from a cooperative Iraqi who tipped off U.S. troops.

The 41 hostages rescued were all Sunni, as is al Qaeda.  There had been Shi’ite hostages as well, but al Qaeda had murdered them all. 

The story was bumped to page 11 in the Washington Post where they dedicated a whopping nine paragraphs to the raid.  The New York Times glossed over the rescue and seven sentences did the trick in the Los Angeles Times.

It would not be helpful to the anti-Bush, anti-war cause for the press to remind the public that our troops are killing al Qaeda every day, saving Iraqis from savages — who know what real torture is — and God knows they don’t want to highlight any of our successes. 

No U.S. troops were killed in the rescue — therefore it is third tier news.  Had al Qaeda killed seven and captured 30 — well, then, you’d have a big news story. 

While al Qaeda is certainly quite pleased with the media’s focus on their “successes” and flagrant avoidance of our successes, I am not.

The same media that made the abusive soldiers of Abu Graib household names has completely ignored the great accomplishments and sacrifices of our extraordinary troops.
I would bet my next paycheck that more Americans could identify Army Pvt. Lynndie England and Specialist Charles Graner of Abu Graib famed, than could identify Army Sgt. 1st Class Paul Ray Smith and Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham.  England and Graner treated prisoners rudely.  These prisoners were described by U.S. intelligence as “the worst of the worst.”  In Iraq, that likely means they enjoyed torturing little girls to death with cordless Black & Decker power tools.  England and Graner are in prison for their conduct.  They didn’t actually hurt anyone. 

For their incomprehensible bravery and selflessness, Sgt. 1st Class Smith and Cpl. Jason Dunham are the only two Americans to be awarded the Medal of Honor in the war against Islamic fascism.   They sacrificed their lives for their comrades and were both awarded the medal posthumously. 

New York Times reporter Neil Sheehan’s book “A Bright Shining Lie” called Vietnam, “a war without heroes.”  That was a bright shining lie.  Nevertheless, the press same is obviously hell-bent on rekindling their halcyon days for the American people.  They spent Memorial Day as they spend all of their days, selling us the notion of a war without heroes, only casualties and victims.  A war in which there is no bad guy — except us.

Former senator and democrat presidential candidate John Edwards thinks there is no war on terror.  Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes the war has already been “lost.”  Democrat Senator Dick Durban compared our troops to Nazis and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi believes that victory is not an option.  Liberals live in a make-believe world where they pretend that there is no enemy and that the United States (George W. Bush) is the source of all evil in the world.  The press is just doing its part, Memorial Day or not.