Get the Real Story Behind the Immigration Bill

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez is quoted in an AP report dated May 19, 2007 as calling the Senate compromise immigration “reform” bill, “Very well-balanced.”

In the same AP story, Tom Snyder, the political director of UNITE HERE!, a service workers union comprised largely of immigrants also is also quoted saying, “We’re going to fight like mad to fix the parts we don’t like.”

Now for all of you good Republicans that support illegal aliens, that’s probably good news. But for the rest of us, the rank-and-file Republicans, let me point something out: How is it possible for Republicans who profess to represent us to place a $5,000.00 price tag on our citizenship? For them to throw open the borders to not only illegal aliens but also terrorists; flood the labor force with cheap labor workers; knowingly set in motion a series of events that will force you to pay more in taxes for social services once the amnesty passes, then look us in the eye and say “We’ve done the people’s work?”

Do they really think we are that stupid? Yes. They do. Or it’s more likely that they think us powerless to do anything about it.

Aside from the travesty of justice an amnesty would comprise, failing to hold fast to their campaign promise should guarantee a loss for them in the 2008 elections.

Here is where the people have the power — if you are committed enough to exercise it.

To the rank-and-file Republicans I say this; write a letter today to your Senator and Congressman. Tell them you are no longer going to contribute and will not support any
Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, that even sounds like they are equivocating on this issue. No Amnesty, no “Z” card, no “path to citizenship” must be the political battle-cry of the 2008 elections.

Think about this: Tom Snyder is the political director of a union made up of illegal aliens. If you are a union guy, how in the world can you accept that? Your dues are paying to eliminate your job. What sense does that make? Is your family less deserving of a fair wage than those that break the law to get here, and then unionize to blackmail employers, the government and the people you elect to represent you!

The photo I saw with the AP article had as part of the caption “Illegal immigrants and advocacy groups sharply criticized the Senate’s reform proposal as overly harsh.” Wow.

First, they are not illegal immigrants; they are illegal aliens that broke the law to be here. Second, what is overly harsh is that the American labor movement has abandoned American citizens to side with the illegal aliens. Third, the brazen marches and comments by illegal aliens only shows they have no fear of U.S. law enforcement. 

At this point, they probably shouldn’t fear law enforcement because it is incapable of doing much about them. Two U.S Border Patrol Agents and a deputy sheriff are in jail for doing their job trying to keep the border secure, but illegal aliens can march, demonstrate with impunity. And what happens if our major city’s police force attempts to restore order — the Los Angeles Riot Squad was suspended for trying to maintain order AFTER they were attacked and suffered several injuries.

Most Americans are astounded. How can this be happening?

It is happening because Americans are being manipulated through their sense of fairness, and through their emotions for the under-privileged. And it happens because Americans are ill-informed about the issue. All they see, hear or read is tainted by the media. Even Ms Davis uses the euphemism “illegal immigrants.” That term carries less negative connotation then calling them what they are — illegal aliens that knowingly violated U.S. immigration law — and are now demanding that they be rewarded with amnesty for evading arrest, prosecution, and deportation.

America is a nation of laws, but presently those laws are only enforced on American citizens. Illegal aliens can get Bank cards, mortgages, and better health care than you can afford.

Our major cities have become sanctuaries for the millions of illegal aliens that have invaded America, and elected representatives at every level have surrendered to the demands of political correctness.

A side bar in the article presents a glimpse of the truth from those that would obey the law. Edmundo Ramierez said “– the plan rewards those who have already entered the U.S. illegally, while shutting out those who stayed home hoping to gain legal passage.”

So you see my fellow Americans, even the Mexican citizens can see the unfairness of this agreement, while Sen. Ted Kennedy (D.- Mass.) , Sen. Larry Craig (R.-Ida.) and their ilk pander and scrape at the feet of socialism and corporate greed respectively, heedless of how it will destroy America.

There can be only one course of action — the ballot box-revolution. No Republican or Democrat that has showm support to or for illegal aliens should be re-elected. For President, only Tom Tancredo has shown steadfast opposition for years, and should be given the chance to serve us in the White House.

The question now is in your hands — what will you do?