An Incensed American

There’s only one word to describe my opinion of the recently announced “immigration compromise.” However — because HUMAN EVENTS is a family paper — suffice it to say the proper word might be the one to describe what covers a street shortly after several thousand horses with severe stomach trouble have cantered past.

Our weak-kneed politicians in Washington who purport to represent “We the People” incense me. Whether Democrat, Republican, or whatever shade of party Senators McCain, Kennedy and their cronies claim to be, they certainly don’t represent me, nor do they represent the vast majority of Americans on this issue. Let me make it very simple for them. We, the People, don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens, or, as you like to call them, “undocumented immigrants.” Why can’t you stop twisting things into some kind of unrecognizable jumble of words? My wife was a proud, legal, resident alien for more than ten years before she became a naturalized American citizen. The same holds true for my favorite niece. In fact, it said as much on their green cards.

A rose by any other name is still a rose and amnesty is still amnesty, and illegal aliens are still illegal aliens despite your best efforts to make them sound like something we should all just shut up about and be happy with. We’re not happy and we won’t shut up. Those lawmakers on the “pro” side of this ridiculous legislation would do well to remember that you work for us, not vice versa, and we plan to speak at maximum volume during the next election if you allow this to go forward.

I don’t get it. What is it about the word “no” that you don’t understand? Just a cursory look at the polling data available drives the point home. Some of this data is no more than 60 days old!

– Fifty-nine percent of Americans polled believe the more effective way to deal with the potential threat to national security posed by millions of illegal immigrants living within the United States is to crack down on illegal immigration by toughening the enforcement of existing laws, deporting illegal immigrants and prosecuting the employers who illegally employ workers. UPI/Zogby Poll; April 13-16, 2007

– Sixty-one percent of likely American voters say there are no blanket conditions under which they would support giving legal, green card status to millions of illegal immigrants. McLaughlin & Associates poll; April 12-15, 2007

– Sixty-one percent oppose providing a path to U.S. citizenship for those illegal immigrants who entered the United States illegally, and who fraudulently obtained green cards and Social Security numbers, when millions are playing by the rules and waiting in their countries to enter the United States legally. McLaughlin & Associates poll; April 12-15, 2007

– Fifty-four percent of Americans polled believe illegal aliens harm the nation’s economy. Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll; April 5-9, 2007

– One reason the public does not like Senate proposals to legalize illegals and double legal immigration is that 73% said they had little or no confidence in the ability of the government to screen these additional applicants to weed out terrorists and criminals. Zogby/CIS poll, April 17-24, 2006

– By eight-to-one, Americans think it is unfair to grant rights to illegal immigrants while thousands of people wait each year to come to the United States legally. Fully 86% of Republicans think it is unfair, as do 77% of Democrats. Opinion Dynamics Poll for FOX News, April 4-5, 2006

– Sixty-five percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to pay significantly higher prices for some goods and services should that be the result of tighter control of the southern U.S. border and a resulting lower number of undocumented workers. Zogby Poll, March 31-April 3, 2006

– Fifty-six percent of Americans polled say the U.S. should NOT grant temporary-worker status to foreigners who are here illegally, as this would make them and their families eligible for government services while they are here. We should not reward people who have broken the law, and this will encourage even more people to enter the United States illegally. NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll, March 10-13, 2006

Given the numbers, it would seem your constituents are trying to tell you something, but you’re simply not listening. It took me about five minutes to get this information. What have you been reading? If these numbers were even close to accurate, I’d guess I’m not the only American incensed. Take it from a voting American; reconsider this ludicrous, unwanted legislation, and get back to work on what the People want. You’ll be amazed at how our collective opinion of you can change.