Terrorism: The One Job Americans Just Won't Do

I finally figured it out. I kept hearing about all those jobs Americans just won’t do. We’re never really told what they are, but I guess we should be happy they’re getting done and stop complaining about all the negative aspects of having twenty million illegal aliens in our midst.

Perhaps we should just accept the idea that 25 American citizens are going to continue to be killed every day by illegals — half of them by drunk drivers — because it’s a small price to pay to get all those jobs done.

We should get used to the idea that nearly four million children of illegals are filling our public schools, and that more than 300,000 illegal aliens are serving time in our prisons. There are another 640,000 illegals who should be in prison but aren’t because they are fugitives. We’re not paying to incarcerate them, so that’s a plus, but unfortunately they are probably the ones responsible for killing those 25 Americans every day. And, of course, we are getting those jobs done.

We really shouldn’t complain about the resurgence of heretofore eradicated diseases, including Tuberculosis and the plague. You’ve probably heard that bedbugs are also making a comeback. But it’s okay, because we’re getting all those jobs done.

I guess we should be more than willing to pay the cost for illegals to flood our hospital emergency rooms for free service; and it’s the least we can do to declare their babies born on our soil as American citizens. What else could a compassionate society do for people doing all those jobs for us?

Americans should be happy to press one for English and to sort through multiculti instructions written in Spanish (and sometimes other languages) in order to find the English directions. But again, who else is going to do all those jobs? Snobby, self-indulgent Americans? I don’t think so.

I have to confess that I was less than thrilled recently to see my local super market put up new signs over their food aisles directing customers to the item of their choice in both English and Spanish. I found myself wondering how long it would take me to figure out in Mexico City that “Jalapeño” means “Pepper.” But after I thought about all those jobs lazy, spoiled Americans (apparently including me) simply won’t do, I realized it was well worth whatever inconvenience I might experience.|

To tell you the truth, I was at a loss to figure out which jobs the invading hordes of illegals actually were doing that my fellow Americans and I won’t do. Oh, I know the usual answers, but those don’t seem to be the jobs I see them doing. In fact, I see them roofing houses and making good money at it. I see them working hard at more and more skilled jobs that people I know personally would gladly do.

Then, as I wrote at the beginning of this column, I finally figured it out. It was the story of the Fort Dix Six that finally made it all click for me. Six Muslim men were arrested for plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix, New Jersey.

I have a photo hanging on my office wall of my father’s Army platoon at Fort Dix. It is dated April 4, 1942. Fort Dix has been a primary jumping-off point for our troops headed overseas for generations, which, of course, is what made it such a tempting target.

At least three of the Fort Dix Six were in this country illegally. They were brothers. They owned a roofing company. Again, that’s not a job American workers won’t do, so what could they possibly be doing here? That’s when it hit me.

Being a member of a terrorist cell is the one job Americans just won’t do.