Planned Parenthood Exposed by Student Reporter

Following an outbreak of lawsuits that Planned Parenthood is illegally concealing the age of minors and failing to report incidents of statutory rape, the nation’s largest abortion provider has threatened civil action of its own against an 18-year-old female student at UCLA.

Student reporter Lisa Rose, posing as a pregnant 15-year-old, visited the Santa Monica Planned Parenthood, expressing her interest in an abortion and introducing her 23-year-old boyfriend. With the entire exchange caught on film, the employee warns Rose that the company is required to report cases of statutory rape to the police, but encourages Rose to conceal her age to avoid these reports.

“Just figure out a birth date that works,” the employee told Rose. “And I don’t know anything.”

In response to the video, Mary Jane Wagle, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, emailed Rose a cease and desist order, threatening civil action if certain measures are not taken by May 18. Among the demands is that Rose “immediately relinquish to PPLA the original and any copies of all communications with PPLA employees you have recorded without their consent.” This requirement is absurd — the videos have already widely proliferated conservative blogs, including premier conservative blog

“The only way that I or anyone else is really going to make a difference in how women are influenced by either Planned Parenthood or their clinics … is to become one of those women and to really experience it themselves,” Rose told Cybercast News Service. She said that her undercover method was “the way to find out what really goes on behind closed doors in a clinic, what really goes about to influence these life-changing decisions.”

The revealing video was published on the heels of another lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, this one in Central Ohio. For five years, a teenage daughter was molested by her father, starting when she was 13. She was forced to sleep in bed with him every night, and in November of 2004, after finding out his daughter was pregnant, he demanded that she have an abortion — at age 16. The minor informed the Planned Parenthood office that she was forced to have sex, but tragically the abortion providers did nothing. Realizing her rights were violated through Planned Parenthood’s failure to act, she has filed a lawsuit against the abortion provider.

These cover-ups by Planned Parenthood are hardly new. They have a storied history of concealing statutory rape and child abuse.

Michigan pro-life sidewalk counselor Anne Norton compiled significant evidence of at least ten unreported child rape victims, including girls as young as 11-years-old, treated or given an abortion by the Planned Parenthood of South Central Michigan in Kalamazoo. Despite overwhelming evidence, including sworn affidavits, witness statements, and family interviews, local law enforcement has failed to act against the clinic’s unlawful cover-up.

This video is not the first time Planned Parenthood has been exposed for illegally encouraging the concealment of child abuse and statutory rape. In March, 2005, Life Dynamics hired an actress to make about 800 calls to abortion facilities across America, primarily Planned Parenthood centers. Describing herself as a 13-year-old girl and a victim of sexual assault, 91% of the facilities that admitted that a crime had been committed agreed to conceal it.

While all other accusations of crime concealment have been from the outside, either by telephone evidence or witness accounts, Rose successfully obtained video evidence of the face-to-face interaction between a supposed minor and an abortion facility employee.

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against Rose demonstrates the potentially dire financial consequences her video creates. Planned Parenthood receives over $280- million in government funding, primarily through Title X funds. If caught disobeying state law, Planned Parenthood could lose some or all of those funds — over 40% of their annual revenue. The impact would prove catastrophic, forcing the closure of many abortion facilities nationwide.

The sickening nature of these films does not end with the attempted concealment of statutory rape. When James O’Keefe, Rose’s 23-year-old boyfriend in the video, asks if they might regret an abortion, the worker says that she had a baby at the age of 17 and that, “if I had to do it again, I would not continue the pregnancy.” The employee is talking about her 16-year-old child! I can only wonder what her child’s thoughts are after hearing this.