A Little-Known Conservative Candidate: John Cox

Thank you and it is great to be at my second home here in Iowa.  Ray and Leon, you do a great job and I understand what a tough job it is.  Of course, I had a pretty tough job as the President of the Cook County Republican Party.  Yes, there are Republicans in Cook County — just not enough.  Mayor Daley has such control that I often said my job was a little like being the opposition leader to Saddam!

I like to introduce myself and why I am running for President by telling a story about my daughters.  I have four daughters — actually I have four daughters, a wife and a female dog!

I liked to read to my daughters at night — one time I was reading from the Book of Virtues to my daughter Stephanie — who is about to graduate from college — and she looked up at me and asked me, “Daddy, do all fairy tales begin with once upon a time?”

I thought for a moment and said, “No, sweetheart, there are a whole series of fairy tales that begin with, if elected, I promise!

That’s why I am here today.  Because a lot of people that you and I worked for, supported and contributed to went to Washington and forgot what they promised — forgot the principles of Ronald Reagan.

So, what am I doing up here with the career politicians and celebrities?

Who am I to think that I can be president?

I am one of you – a Republican activist, a businessman, a father, a member of a church, an American and descendant of a legal immigrant who came to this country for a better life

Why am I doing this?
Because I want results.  I want action.  I want competence.  I am tired of lip service.  I am fed up with empty rhetoric.  I am not going to accept incompetence any more and neither should you!

I want a Republican party that believes in its principles.  I want that shining city on a hill Ronald Reagan told us about.

There is no limit to what we can achieve if we focus on solutions.  Forget the partisan sniping.  Forget the big money, forget the empty promises — we want results!  
We want safety and security and a victory in Iraq! We want our American soldiers to be proud of protecting America and to receive a hero’s welcome!  Iraq is sitting on an ocean of oil – they should be a prosperous nation by now.  I am outraged that four years after the invasion, they are pumping less oil per day than before the invasion.  I want the Iraqis to start pumping their oil and paying for their own reconstruction!

We want security at home and that means secure borders and no amnesty!  We want legal immigration and fair competition where all employers obey the law!  I am a small businessman — I want all employers to comply with the law!

We want jobs and a growing economy; I am a CPA who has wrestled with this ridiculous tax code for 30 years.  We have had enough — we need to get rid of the income tax and the IRS!  We want the Fair Tax!

There is a lot of demand for health care but less supply — that is why the price is going up, making us less competitive in the world.  We deserve the highest quality and most efficient health care in the world.  We want free market solutions for health care but we don’t want big government and Hillarycare!

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress spent our money at the highest rate since LBJ — let’s send a message to the big spenders, we want real fiscal discipline in Congress — No more debt for our children!  We want a competent, free market solution to the coming Social security and Medicare funding crisis — we want personal responsibility, not the nanny state!

I am the son of a single mom — if abortion were legal in 1955, I wouldn’t be standing here before you.   I deserved to have the law protect my life.   We want our values upheld — a respect for life with no exception!

I grew up without a father, I wish I had one.  Every child should have the opportunity to have one mother and one father — we have entirely too many children born out of wedlock or in single parent families.   We demand support for the institution of marriage and that means one man and one woman! 

We also want solutions to the problem of crime but we also need to respect all of the Constitution.  We want our second amendment rights upheld!   Let’s go after criminals, not law abiding citizens!

 We need to support the entire Constitution especially the First Amendment – one of the first things I will do as President is to work with Congress to repeal McCain-Feingold!  And our civil rights are important to our freedoms — we need to support the doctrine of habeas corpus!

Most of all we want a true Reagan conservative in the White House in 2008.  Movement conservatives like you nominated Reagan twice and he won landslide elections.  I am here to tell you that we can do that again!

Reagan won those victories not because he was a celebrity; not because he was an actor but because he had principles and people knew where he stood. Reagan wasn’t a career politician — he focused on solutions, not big government, but solutions that work with the private sector.  That’s what you will get with our campaign — solutions that work.

If we focus on principles and solutions, not hot air and the same old rhetoric, we will win in 2008!
Thank you and May God Bless America!