How's Your Political I.Q.? Week of April 30-May 4


1. President Bush briefly addressed the annual White House Correspondents Association banquet April 21. Who was the first President to speak at the WHCA event?

2. Veteran ABC News correspondent Ann Compton is the incoming President of the WHCA. Who was the first woman to hold this position?

3. Rep. Juanita Millender McDonald (D.-Calif.) died last week at age 68. How many vacancies are there in the U.S. House now?

4. Polls show Republican Rep. Bobby Jindal in strong shape to be elected this fall as only the third Republican governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction. Can you name the other two? 

5. Jindal is the second American of Indian heritage to serve in Congress. Can you name the first?


1. Calvin Coolidge in 1924.

2. Helen Thomas of United Press International, president from 1975-76

3. Three: The seats of McDonald, Republican Rep. Charlie Norwood of Georgia (who died earlier this year), and Democratic Rep. Marty Meehan of Massachusetts, who resigned earlier this year to become chancellor of UMASS/Lowell.

4. Dave Treen, governor from 1979-83, and Mike Foster, governor from 1999-2003. (Buddy Roemer was elected governor as a Democrat in 1987 and switched parties in his third year in office, but was defeated when he ran as a Republican in 1991.)

5. Democrat Dalip Singh Saund, U.S. representative from California from 1956-62.