The Left's Fascist America

Naomi Wolf, infamous architect of Al Gore’s earth-toned metro-sexualizing in 2000, recently wrote an article for the UK’s Guardian detailing the 10 “easy steps” George Bush has followed to “create a Fascist America.”  Wolf’s article is exactly what I need to read if I ever wonder if I over-estimate the level of crazy, paranoid Bush Derangement Syndrome rampant on the left.  Naomi is like the wacko relative one dreads seeing before a major holiday, but when confronted; her unhinged, bitter vitriol becomes more amusing than annoying.

The most awe inspiring element of my gal pal Naomi’s list of ten easy steps is her utter ignorance and denial of the left’s use of the very tactics she decries.  While she provides perceived examples of neocon crimes, in painful detail with endless citations to exhaust the reader, she never manages to turn the microscope to the left.

Well Naomi, my sister in sisterhood, I am here for you!  Let me help you face the ten easy steps the left is taking to march us toward a kinder, gentler fascism. 

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy:  Gosh, where to start!  We have George Bush, Karl Rove, global warming, Christians and anyone with an R on their voter registration card. and company exist by invoking these scary, scary boogeymen.  Entire political careers depend on vilifying these “enemies”.  Would Al Gore even be seen in public anymore if not for the external enemy of global warming?

2. Create a gulag:  Naomi uses Gitmo as her example.  Prisoners at Gitmo are provided with sanitary and safe accommodations.  They are provided with meals that are sensitive to their cultural needs and they are able to practice their religious observations openly and with institutional support.  While a handful of them experienced unacceptable behavior, the majority have been treated in a far more civilized fashion than, say, a Muslim woman who has been raped and is snuffed out in an “honor killing.”
The gulags of the left?  Visit any college campus in America, with few exceptions, and you will find out what happens to those who fail to fall in line with Ivory Tower liberal think.  And the food?  Yikes.

3. Develop a thug caste. This one is too easy and thus I will go for brevity.  Hollywood and the mainstream media.  No need to say more.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system: I suppose Naomi is so used to being in the protected liberal enclaves of the media and academia she is unaware of how the left uses the internet to survey and disrupt conservative content and communication or how the Ivory Towers of academia penalize those who dare to step off the liberal reservation.  Free Republic, Protest Warriors, Gathering of Eagles and other conservative websites have been subjected to spamming, hacking and overt threats and intimidation.  Liberal trolls routinely scan the vast free speech platform that is the internet, looking for ways to hamper, shut down or disrupt conservative thought. 

Conservative Professors like Mike Adams at UNC- Wilmington have been subjected to an internal scrutiny and surveillance of political and religious beliefs and have paid the price for being conservative with stalled career advancement and public thrashing of reputations.

Don’t like political opponents?  Use an arm of the federal government to pull their personal documents, investigate them and them publicly discredit them (yes Ms. Rodham-Clinton, I am talking to you.)

5. Harass citizens’ groups:  The ACLU seems to exist solely for this purpose.  Religious organizations, the Boy Scouts, and any number of organizations deemed not left enough are harassed, litigated and put through the negative PR machine of the ACLU and other leftist organizations until they go bankrupt or cry uncle.  Add the hardly well cloaked anti-conservative motives behind the Fairness Doctrine to the picture and voila, harassment abounds!

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release:  The left swims in arbitrary detention and release almost daily, though it is through prism of public censure.  Imus can say any number of things that are insulting and demeaning to our President and his advisors, but no detention.  Throw out a careless, classless comment at a “protected” class…detention and release! 

Alec Baldwin can suggest if  “we were in another country… we would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families” and it is parady, clever and a spoof.  Ann Coulter says, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” and the character assassination begins.  Arbitrary indeed.

7. Target key individuals:  Is anyone struggling with the left’s use of this one?  If you are, you need to be more rehabilitative care than I can muster.  Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Trent Lott, Alberto Gonzales, Clarence Thomas, the list is too ridiculously long to continue. 

8. Control the press:  Again, this seems so simplistic it is insulting to have to go over this with Naomi. I do, however, understand that looking in the mirror when you are a bitter, angry feminist can be too much to bear and so, for her sake, I will hold the mirror for her. Liberals dominate the editorial pages of most major old media papers.  They own the nightly network anchor chairs and morning shows, PBS, NPR, all the cable news with the exception of Fox.  They control the “pop-culture” ambassadors in Hollywood who have turned bubble-gum entertainment into opportunities to lecture a captive audience.  Liberals dominate the press, media and pop-culture.  Period.

9. Dissent equals treason: For proof of this, please feel free to ask any scientist who dissents from the liberal playbook on global warming.  If you are still in doubt, please ask a pro-life Democrat, if you can find one willing to talk, when they will take the stage at the next Democrat Convention.  Ask any Hollywood conservative, any one of the 5 of them, how well their views are received.

10. Suspend the rule of law:  Are you a lefty who doesn’t like the war?  Vote for it and then vote not to fund it.  Suspend the rule of law?  More like ignore the consequences of the rules of law and muck things up as you go along.  Don’t like a judicial nominee’s views?  Don’t let the nomination out of committee.  Don’t like the White House travel office employees?  Fire them all.  

Naomi, heal thyself.