New Global Warming Film Confronts Al Gore

Tuesday night was the last of three screenings across the country for the Pacific Research Institute’s (PRI) film An Inconvenient Truth, or a Convenient Fiction. PRI teamed up with Steven Hayward, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute to create this rebuttal to Gore’s Academy Award winning power-point presentation An Inconvenient Truth. It should be required viewing for those who claim they are “green” (and even those who are only a little queasy).

In the film’s introduction Hayward states “the problem with Vice President Gore and other global warming extremists is that they distort the science, grossly exaggerate the risks, argue that anyone who disagrees with them is corrupt, and suggest solutions are easy and cheap — And that is an all too convenient fiction.”

Hayward, the movie’s star, presents the 50 minute film in the same manner as Gore — using slide shows of graphs and charts as well as footage of Hayward driving in his car and walking through a wooded area discussing the facts and fictions of global warming.

Hayward told HUMAN EVENTS that, “We wanted to get something out there, in a usable format that gives another contrasting point of view to the vice presidents film.”

Global warming skeptics can find it difficult to verbally puncture Gore’s allegations because of the barrage of scientific gobbledygook used in the film and most environmentalist literature. Luckily, skeptics now have an in-stereo reference guide to help shut down your neighborhood scaremonger. Hayward’s film makes the points — in clear, everyday terms — that every American can use to deflate global warming myths.

Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard wrote in his review “If some of Hayward’s case sounds too technical or academic, it’s not really. Hayward makes it simple to understand. What’s especially significant is that he doesn’t, like Gore, only cite the science that suits his purposes. Conclusions about global warming are all over the lot, he notes, and ‘you can get whiplash following the science on this.’ His point is that the science on global warming is not settled, as Gore and his allies claim.”

Some of Gore’s alarmist claims that Hayward demolishes pertain to melting glaciers, rising sea levels, Mt. Kilimanjaro’s snow cap and the Kyoto treaty. Hayward presents contradicting scientific charts and news clips all the while stating “this doesn’t sound like consensus science to me.”

The New York Times contacted Kalee Kreider a spokeswoman for Al Gore. Kreider told the Times that “Mr. Gore had not seen Mr. Hayward’s film but was accustomed to attacks on his position.”

(HUMAN EVENTS contacted Global Green USA and the Union of Concerned Scientist hoping for a liberal response to Hayward’s rebuttal but they did not return our calls.)

Hayward told H.E. that the screenings have gone better than he imagined: “There have been a lot of interest in doing more screenings, right now we are exploring where to do more of them…co-sponsoring with local groups, because they are not cheap to do of course — so we are looking to make some partnerships with people to see if we can do one in Tennessee in Gore’s backyard, maybe some more on the west-coast. We have even had some interest from people over seas.”

“Each audience was a little different, San Francisco was very California, very enthusiastic, they actually laughed at more of the laugh lines than some of the [other] audiences did. The Washington audience was very Washington policy-wonky oriented. The New York audience was all over the map, but you had a lot of hard headed investment bankers and New York style people. It would be interesting to take it to more places and see how the reaction goes.”

An Inconvenient Truth or a Convenient Fiction cost less than $30,000 to produce. Visually this is apparent — and is not likely that Melissa Ethridge will sign on for the soundtrack, but the film proves its point just the same. “I’m not expecting a $50 million dollar box office, I’m not expecting a phone call from Harvey Weinstein, making me an offer” said Hayward.

Haywards response to An Inconvenient Truth has more important things to do that win Acadamy Awards. “You’ve heard stories of all these schools requiring all the students to watch Gores film” said Hayward. “We have been tracking down the school districts that have said they want to show Gore’s film but would like to show another point of view.”

That’s probably the most important part of what Hayward has done. Instead of school children being indoctrinated by Gore, they can have a chance to make up their minds. Every teacher, and every parent with school-age children (right through college) should ask that Hayward’s film be made available to their students and children.

Teachers or parents who are interested in presenting this counter argument to their school district can find out more information at or The film can be viewed in its entirety also at or on You Tube.