Left Silent About Sharia in Minnesota

Here’s a Prairie Home Companion episode you’ll never hear:

It’s been a quiet week here at Lake Wobegon. Aunt Tillie had to cut short her big vacation in Paris — she got caught in a riot at the train station and you’ll never believe it, she got tear-gassed. She’s all right, but you can imagine the mood she was in when she arrived at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Poor thing, she went straight to a duty-free shop and bought a big bottle of Merlot.

But then the cab driver told her, “You can’t bring that wine into my taxi!” He said it was against his religion. Poor Tillie was so distraught, she didn’t know what to do. She decided to call Uncle Pete on his cell phone. Pete was with Uncle Fred at Target, but they were held up — Pete was buying a pepperoni pizza, but the checkout girl refused to ring it up! She said it was against her religion too! Well, when Pete got Tillie’s call, he just left the pizza, told Fred and his seeing-eye dog to come along, and caught the bus to the airport.
By the time they got there, Tillie was in a state. Pete told her to put the Merlot in her suitcase. Tillie did as he directed, and she and Pete got into the cab line with Fred and his seeing-eye dog. Well, I wouldn’t have liked to have seen the look on Pete’s face when the cab drivers told him, one after the other, that they wouldn’t carry Fred’s dog either. They told them that he was blind and that Checkers was a seeing-eye dog, but they didn’t care.
Luckily, Mrs. Hanson’s son came along — remember Ted Hanson, the traveling salesman? He got them all, the dog too, into his SUV and drove them home. And boy, did he have a story to tell! It seems that he was flying out of Minneapolis a few months ago, and there were some men on the plane acting, well, you know, suspicious. They asked for seatbelt extensions, and then they didn’t hook them on. Instead, they put them under their seats. They also changed their seats so that a couple of them were sitting by all the entry and exit points of the plane. And they were praying, loudly — as if they wanted people to notice them, you know? Well, they got their wish. Several passengers — Ted included — notified the flight attendants, and pretty soon these men were off the plane. It’s a long story, but it turns out that the men who were taken off the plane were Islamic imams, and they’re suing. They say they were victims of discrimination, that they were taken off the plane because they’re Muslims. And Ted says they’re not just suing the airline — they’re suing him, and the other people who complained. I don’t mind telling you, there ought to be a law against that.

And come to think of it, there ought to be a law against all the rest of it too. Minnesota has become a hotbed of Sharia agitation in the United States. The first Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison, is from Minnesota. It should not be forgotten that he addressed a banquet held by the Council on American Islamic Relations, which is deeply involved with the suit against the airline and passengers, two days before the Flying Imams were bounced from their flight, and met with Omar Shahin, the leader of the Flying Imams, the day before. Now we see Muslim cabdrivers discriminating against passengers and Muslim store employees discriminating against customers, and none of the state’s Leftist establishment says a thing. Where they fought alongside Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement to end racial discrimination, apparently religious discrimination is just fine with them.

Apparently the left in Minnesota, as elsewhere, can’t see beyond their hatred of George Bush to realize how they themselves will be victimized by their new friends if those friends get the upper hand. Minnesota liberals should stop trying to tolerate the intolerable.