HUMAN EVENTS Announces First Annual Blogger of the Year

HUMAN EVENTS honored the hard work of conservative blogger N.Z. Bear before the large audience gathered at the 2007 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Bear, best known for his blogging efforts at and, was given the award by Jed Babbin, editor of HUMAN EVENTS, and Erick Erickson, editor of, a HUMAN EVENTS sister company.

“The Blogger of the Year Award was given to N.Z. Bear because he, solely as a blogger, has been able to make things happen,” Erickson said.

Bear coordinated efforts by major players on the Internet to form Porkbusters, which has rooted out government waste, and in 2006, he united bloggers on both sides of the aisle to pressure Congress to pass the Coburn-Obama Federal Transparency and Accountable Act (S 2590).

Bear, who said he was quite surprised to get the award, said the impact of the blogosphere can no longer be questioned. “We’re well past the point where it’s even possible to argue that bloggers are not having an influence,” said Bear. “Clearly blogs are making an impact: We saw that with the Coburn-Obama transparency bill in ’06, and we’ve seen it in different ways with the impact that the left blogosphere has had on the Democratic Party and, to a lesser extent (so far) the effect right-leaning bloggers have on Republican politics.”

Key to making such an impact is organization. As Erickson noted, unlike some bloggers who look for constant attention and approval, Bear “has been able to transcend these issues by bringing together small blogs and big blogs to accomplish worthy goals. He’s put the project ahead of himself and has been more interested in being successful than getting credit.”

Bear’s said the latest project he is contributing to is the Victory Caucus ( “It is a news and information site and gathering place for people who believe that the only valid choice we have in Iraq — and in the larger war — is victory,” Bear said. “Building on the lessons I learned with Porkbusters, I want to help turn those same methods of grassroots and blogosphere organization to a more vital effort.”