Who Hates America?

If you believe the media and the cry-baby left, the entire world hates the United States of America. I don’t believe that. The reality of it is they don’t hate us; they just love our money and wish they could get their hands on more of it.  That’s all the rest of the world ever cared about.
Sure, a lot of the French hate America, but they hate every nation that isn’t France.  
Lefties across the globe hate America because they are insanely jealous of our prosperity and our standard of living, but they are not anything like a majority.
Ask yourself this: If America is so hateful, why does half the world want to come here to live in such a hateful country?
If you really want to know who really hates America don’t look abroad. Look right here in the United States for the real hate-America crowd; look at the left-wing crazies who run the Democrat party.
Think about it.  America is at war. Tens of thousands of Americans in the armed forces are fighting that war, and more than three thousand of them gave their lives battling the terrorists sworn to destroy this nation.
Yet aside from Osama bin Laden and his crew of merciless killers, the people most dedicated to seeing the United States defeated in a battle for the future of the world are the liberal Democrats now feebly trying to run the Congress.
You really have to hate America and its people to lust after the defeat of your own country.
Sure, they don’t come right out and say it. They cover their tracks by calling a headlong – and shameful — dash for the exits a “redeployment,” their way of saying cut and run.  They say they fully support our troops, while they mutter about cutting the funding for them and leaving them defenseless far away from home.
As the new strategy for winning the war in Iraq begins to take hold, they refuse to recognize any of the signs of progress. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the despicable John Murtha announce to the nation that we are losing the war, and moreover, can’t possibly win it.
You really have to hate America to stand on the sidelines, root for an enemy triumph and do everything you can to make sure we lose a war.
If you want to know who really hates America look at the Democrats who jumped on the media bandwagon to attack Walter Reed Army Medical Center charging that they have not given good medical care to our wounded troops coming back from a Iraq when they are fully aware that these wounded heroes have received the finest medical care ever a given to anyone, soldier or civilian, in the entire history of the world.  
Thousands of wounded members of our armed forces who would have died of their wounds in previous wars are alive today as a result of the medical care available at Walter Reed and other armed services hospitals.  
But what do we hear from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?  Praise for the great care the Army and Navy have provided for the wounded and disabled?  No.  
Instead we hear allegations that slyly suggest that the conditions in substandard living quarters are in actuality symptoms of poor medical care being given to our troops.  That’s a flat-out lie, and you have to hate America to tell it.  
The fact of the matter is that those veterans forced to live in substandard quarters and receiving extraordinary medical care were victims, not of the Army, but of the federal bureaucracy which operates under rules and restrictions dictated by the Congress when it was under the control of the Democrats.
Moreover it was the Congress which allowed Walter Reed medical center to be scheduled to shut down in 2010 — just three years from now — putting it in that category to deprive them of adequate funding.
You really have to hate America to attack — for purely political reasons — a system of medical care that is saving huge numbers of Americans. They have no shame.