The UN's Alliance of Anti-Americanism

Kofi Annan may have left the United Nations, but his legacy of America bashing lives on. More than a year before he stepped down as the international arbiter of right and wrong, Kofi Annan appropriated Rodney King’s plea of “can’t we all just get along,” and created a UN-sponsored initiative dubbed the “Alliance of Civilizations.” While posing as a mechanism for improving relations amongst nations, the Alliance is, like other UN programs, a vehicle for attacking the United States.

The mission of the Alliance of Civilizations is “to bridge divides and overcome prejudice, misconceptions, misperceptions, and polarization which potentially threaten world peace.” Whew! Finally somebody other than Miss America is claiming responsibility for global harmony.

The Alliance is in the market for an executive director — or as the UN titles the position — a “High Representative.” Given its mission, the individual must be caring, sensitive and able to empathize with different personalities. (Maybe there’s a higher calling for Judge Larry Siedlin after all.) The UN also wants millions of dollars to fund and staff the Alliance for Civilizations — after all, you can’t create world peace on the cheap.

The first report from the Alliance’s “High Level Group” is now out, and much of it follows the same tired formula of advocating an ever expanding UN bureaucracy. It touts the Millennium Development Goals — a global welfare scheme to transfer massive amounts of U.S. wealth to welfare nations in the Third World.

The report also makes clear that relations between nations should be brokered through the UN. But it would be a mistake to give the UN any more influence than it already has. It is ludicrous to think that peace can be attained by those who fantasize of a world without Israel; those who reward human rights abusers; and those who turn a blind eye to the criminal actions of their own predatory peacekeepers. The folly of the Alliance for Civilizations is evident in its “Guiding Principles,” which states that “terrorism can never be justified.” That is fine, until one considers that after 61 years, the UN still does not have a definition of terrorism.

The Alliance for Civilizations mostly lashes out at the U.S. — not directly, of course — but instead invokes proxy terms — as in their complaint that “western powers maintain overwhelming political, economic, and military power in the world." It also addresses the issue of immigration saying the solution “is not to build walls around nations” — an obvious reference to the debate within the U.S.

The Alliance report is also an advertisement for Islam and an apologist for its extremists. "Islam is being perceived by some as an inherently violent religion," the report states. Go figure. When Islamic fanatics carry out gruesome beheadings, fly planes into buildings, blow up subways, and carry out suicide bombings in the name of Allah and rarely have their actions denounced by Muslim clerics or activists, some are bound to see religion being used for violent means. But such views "are at best manifestly incorrect and at worst maliciously motivated,” according to the Alliance.

Furthermore, none of the problems we face in the world today — like hatred which manifests itself in terrorism — have anything to do with "Islamist activism" or "Islamist militancy." The problems can all be traced to the U.S. The “violent manifestations” between the U.S. and Muslim countries is due to “the invasion of certain Muslim countries by Western military forces and their continued presence in these countries,” according to the UN Alliance.

If you wonder how such a biased report can be produced, one need only look at the roster of the High-level Group which wrote it. More than one-third of the 15-member group hails from Turkey, Iran, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. There are only two members from the United States, one of whom is Professor John Esposito from the Prince Al-Waleed bin-Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University.

It isn’t hard to believe then, that the Alliance reports opines on the state of American higher education saying that U.S. universities would do well to “promote publications coming from the Muslim world on a range of subjects related to Islam and the Muslim world.” Having long ago abandoned American history, Ivy League elites are likely to heed the UN’s advice.

Even Tinsletown isn’t immune from Turtle Bay’s condemnation. Accusing western entertainment media of “fuel[ing] hostile perceptions,” the UN says there is “an urgent need for balanced images of ordinary Muslims in Western mass media.” In the western news media, “an appreciably more nationalistic and at times anti-Muslim tone has become evident in news and commentary.” But the UN’s Alliance is silent on al-Jazeera and other anti-American news outlets.

The goal of the UN is to undermine the U.S. on the world stage, and its new Alliance for Civilizations is another way to further that mission. Unfortunately, Congress continues to fund the most prolific producer of anti-American propaganda in the world.