How's Your Political I.Q.?: Week of Feb. 26


1. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D.-N.Y.) last week declared for the Democratic nomination for President in ’08.  Who was the first woman to seek a major party nomination for President?

2. Who was the last woman to seek a major party nomination for President?

3. Last week, the President delivered the State of the Union Address before a joint session of Congress during prime time. Who was the last President not to deliver this annual message in prime time?

4. Who was the first President to deliver the State of the Union Address to Congress in writing rather than in person?

5. What President coined the phrase “State of the Union” to describe the annual address?


1. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine, who sought the Republican nomination in 1964.

2. Republican Elizabeth Dole in 2000.

3. Lyndon B. Johnson, on Jan. 8, 1964.  (A year later, Johnson delivered the address in prime time and the practice has since continued.)

4. Thomas Jefferson in 1801. (The practice of delivering the address in person, which had been done by George Washington and John Adams, was revived by Woodrow Wilson in 1913.)

5. Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935.  Prior to that, the address had been referred to as “the President’s Annual Message to Congress.”