Ann Coulter Conquers Hollywood?

Okay. Confess.  Even though Stephen Colbert is really funny and Jon Stewart may make you cringe, you want more.  You want a conservative satire on the news, and haven’t seen one since, well, since time began.  Why?

We all know that conservatives have a better sense of humor than liberals. That’s why Rush, Laura and Sean are conquering all and why Minnesota senatorial candidate Al Franken needs a job.  Liberals are incapable of poking fun at themselves.  Conservatives produce endless humor in writing and on radio.  And now, this Sunday, our appetite for televised conservative humor is apparently going to be satisfied.  

It’s called "The Half Hour News Hour" and is produced by Joel Surnow (creator and exec produce of "24") and Ned Rice.  But the best part is that Ann Coulter — yes, our Ann, HUMAN EVENTS legislative correspondent — is in it.  Is it funny?  One gent e-mailed me to say that, "Critics are already calling it ‘the funniest show ever produced by the FOX News Channel, not counting Geraldo.’"

Pop the corn, pour the wine, sit back and watch.  Step aside, libs.  It’s our turn.

"The Half Hour News Hour" premiers Sunday, February 18 at 10 p.m. EST.