Russian Goals Have Never Changed

Thank you, Vladimir Putin. Thank you for confirming that the Cold War is very much alive and that you and your nation is responsible for keeping it so. After all, it is far better for us to know absolutely who you are and what your intentions continue to be. Thank you for confirming that we can trust the Soviets to be Soviets and that nothing has changed in your country except that you found it convenient after the Berlin Wall fell to act "American." Your words changed: "Comrade" became "citizen," "Premier" became "President." Western styles found you clothed in sharp suits instead of your former drab threads. You started smiling in public. You made jokes. You looked relaxed. The Union broke up. But not really, it just reformed itself a bit. Just enough, in fact, to make yourselves presentable to the ever-gullible western liberals.

Your goals for world domination remain unaltered. You are tenacious, willing to play the part you must for whatever the times require. But it is no mistake: The Russian bear maybe in deep hibernation, but it has every intention of waking up and being a strong player on the global scene, and all for its own totalitarian aims. Thus speaks Marxism from the Manifesto’s writing right on down until today, and, no doubt, tomorrow.

On this past Saturday, February 10, you lashed out at the United States and NATO saying:

"Unilateral, illegitimate actions have not solved a single problem, they have (encouraged) a hotbed of further conflicts…One state, The United States has overstepped its national borders in every way…It is a world of one master, one sovereign…it has nothing to do with democracy. This is nourishing the wish of countries to get nuclear weapons."

Sure, Vladimir. You have nothing to do with that, except the fact that your country is building Iran’s biggest nuclear plant and has sold Iran a ton of parts and equipment so that they can build nuclear bombs. And, oh yeah, except for the fact that you sold them the surface-to-air missile systems to protect their nuclear sites from air attack.  And except for your having made it a habit to defend Iran against even the most moderate efforts the U.S. has made at the UN to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed terrorist state. Except for the fact that you have done your best to muscle in on any of your "free" citizens’ efforts to legitimately produce or control any of your natural resources. Except for the fact that you have threatened to cut off natural gas supplies to all of Europe. Except for the fact that you have brutally put down any of you satellite nations’ efforts to become free.

Now, your biggest fear is that NATO and Eastern Europe might actually want to protect themselves from these rogue countries that you speak of, and, which in your view, have little choice but to produce weapons of mass destruction to protect them from the big evil United States.

Yes, what really gets your blood boiling apparently is the outrageous collaboration amongst the U.S., the E.U., and NATO to try and defend themselves from potential missiles launched from terrorist countries, indeed even rogue terrorist cells, at the U.S. and the rest of Europe.

Apparently it is very "provocative" of the West to deploy defense mechanisms against possible nuclear and conventional missile threats. This is the same nonsense we heard from the old Soviet Union, when it existed, concerning Ronald Reagan’s proposed Star Wars initiative.

In short, Mr. Putin, you don’t want the West to protect itself from  threats from the East and from terrorist states. In his view, it is only by having everyone being equally vulnerable to annihilation that the world is held safe. Well, Mr. Putin, MADD is gone. And if it is not, it should be. If only for the fact that now there are groups who seriously want mutually assured destruction; who live only for death and destruction even to themselves.

You are also upset, Vladimir, because you weren’t consulted concerning a solution imposed against Serbia. You fear that if Kosovo’s independence becomes a reality, it could become a model for other states now under your control to get free from your empire, which in truth you want back as a bigger union of socialist states than ever was the structure of the original USSR.

What should be the fear of democracy, Mr. Putin? You have claimed that your Russia is one. Ha! There is a sad joke. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer wondered aloud at your latest tirade:

"Who can be worried that democracy and the rule of law is coming closer to somebody’s border?"

Who, indeed? Only a country following its original manifesto to sleep when it is needed to appear to be sleeping, to feign weakness when that serves it well; only a country that has long term designs on other countries and eventually the world; only a country that is dedicated to darkness, to autocracy, to enslaving the masses and having its "ruling" class controlling everything. 

The solution for us is not to worry about Putin and the rest, but to guard ourselves and our interests against him and his ilk.  There is really only one answer for the United States, which is still the strongest nation on the face of the Earth in all things including the military, and that is to be prepared to act strongly and definitely to defend freedom now, while Russia still is relatively weak and while other nations contemplating nuclear weapons have not yet completed their high tech plans.

We should never be afraid to act in our own best interests anywhere and at any time on the globe. Surely, we are not perfect, but we know that we seek no more territory, nor do we want to enslave our own people or others. We have seen the light. It is our duty to keep the lamp of freedom burning in every way we can.

When the Russian bear starts speaking out, it is because it is nervous. That is not a time to back off. It is time to stay on the offensive, in spite of, or maybe because of Vladimir Putin.