What Would Reagan Do?

Our friend Ronald Reagan was born 96 years ago today. In 2004, the Cold Warrior left us, but his ideas haven’t. We at HUMAN EVENTS continue to trumpet the same unshakeable belief in American strength and exceptionalism that Reagan exhibited and used to win the Cold War.

Ronald Reagan and HUMAN EVENTS maintained a relationship of mutual admiration spanning five decades. Reagan first subscribed to HUMAN EVENTS in the ’50s, and remained a supporter for the rest of his life. He took time out every week to read his issue, during both his time governor of California and his eight years in the White House.

He enjoyed HUMAN EVENTS because our conservative views coincided almost precisely with his own. And he undoubtedly liked the fact that we were avid backers of his political candidacies.

We were spirited supporters of his gubernatorial tenure in California, during which he balanced the budget, cut taxes and enacted his famous welfare reform program. That program saved the state from bankruptcy, staved off President Richard Nixon’s wrong-headed push to federalize welfare and became the model for the hugely successful welfare reform legislation embraced by Congress in 1995.

We were also strong backers of Reagan’s important, though failed, run for the White House in 1976 and his historic successful race in 1980. During his presidency, we backed him on most major issues, including national defense, spending cuts, supply-side tax cuts, court appointments and his robust diplomatic and military approach to the Soviet Union. But we were not always uncritical supporters.

We had numerous interactions with Reagan over the years and can say with confidence that we fully understood his thinking and what he tried to achieve while he was in the White House.

And we have good idea of how he might have governed if faced with the problems that confront the Bush Administration.

In that vein, we commissioned essays and interviews from many leading Reaganites such as Jack Kemp, Don Hodel, Dick Allen, Pat Buchanan and David Keene who served with President Reagan that will give the reader important insights into how the "Gipper" might be governing today if he were still operating out of the Oval Office. Those pieces are now available in a single collection titled, "What Would Reagan Do? A Blueprint for Victory," and are FREE with a subscription to Reagan’s favorite paper, HUMAN EVENTS.