Boxer Should Be Ashamed of Herself

Barbara Boxer seems to have forgotten a great American tradition: The fact that we are a nation of unity and patriotism when it comes to supporting our troops. That’s why her attack on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s patriotism is so outrageous.

When our country fights evil, our hearts and souls are engaged not because my son or daughter, or your children, or your neighbor’s children fight for freedom; we unify over the fact that America’s sons and daughters are fighting for freedom.

As the mother of three and the wife of a retired naval officer, it has never occurred to me that my single friends feel any less patriotic, any less of a loss when a warrior falls in battle, or that they feel any less pride over our men and women in uniform than do I.

Yes, some families suffer far more deeply than others—but for Barbara Boxer to imply that the single or the childless care less deeply about America and our future, or that they have any less voice than she does, reveals a level of arrogance and selfishness rarely seen even in the worst of political climates.

Barbara Boxer should be deeply ashamed of herself. The senator should immediately apologize to the U.S. Senate for representing her colleagues so poorly in an official hearing, to Secretary Rice for the disgusting display of disrespect, and to all Americans for insulting our collective patriotism.