What Was In and What Was Out in '06?

This year proved to have its ups and its downs, especially for conservatives. The following list of ins and outs was compiled by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS.



Tony Snow John Snow
David Eckstein David Gregory
Poison Putin
The Flying Tomato The Flying Imams
Snowboarding Waterboarding
Miller Beer Bode Miller
E. Coli Bird Flu
Kurdistan Kofi Annan
Stability Democracy
Realism Wilsonianism
Pro-Gun Democrats Pro-Choice Republicans
Mark Levin Mark Foley
House Pages Minimum Wages
Steny Hoyer Denny Hastert
Mark Steyn Earmarks Air America
Security Amnesty
Legal visas Reconquista
James Sensenbrenner James Webb
Craig’s List EMILY’s List
L.T. T.O.
“The Truth About Muhammad” An Inconvenient Truth
Silvestre Reyes Intelligence
“The VRWC’s Dossier on Hillary Clinton” Hillary Clinton
Tom Coburn Tom DeLay
Guilty Pleas Bob Ney
Rehab Reform
Botched Jokes Botox
Carrie Underwood John Kerry
Mea Culpa Macaca
Candy Canes Hurricanes