The Symbiotic Conjoining of Liberalism and Militant Islam

We are now five years into our more pronounced focus on the perverse ideology of the global collective that is the waging of jihad and the push to Caliphate. There are facets of this latest bit of evil that are stridently reminiscent of characteristics of evils past, and to paraphrase the old George Santayana saw, we who do not recognize history are condemned to repeat it.

The recidivist similarity that most readily leaps to mind is the anti-Semitism and Holocaustic intent of Nazism then and Islamism now. It is more than difficult to delineate quotes culled from Adolf Hitler and his minions circa World War II from those emanating from a whole panoply of mullahs, sheiks and Muslim thugocracy representatives and publications currently plying their Jew hatred all across the planet today.

The all encompassing oppressiveness of the my-way-or-the-highway brand of Islam that the likes of Sunni al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden or Shiite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad practice and seek to put into practice makes one wax redolent to the means of Communist implementation of Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong and Pol Pot.

(But, to quote Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, to make an omelet one must crack a few eggs.)

And anyone taking in the current leftist rush to the defense of the Caliphatists and their machinations no longer need be surprised by their apparent insistence on committing suicide via jihadist proxy.

(The problem—a problem—is that these people are also choosing to end our lives for us, without inquiring as to whether or not we are yet finished with them.)

The rectification of this shock and awe is quite simple, really. The global left and the global Caliphatic movement fulfill a reciprocative symbiotic need; the former is in perpetual search for the next mascot to champion, another shibboleth to shake at a Western culture they revel in but revile. The latter, in search of our ultimate end, is more than happy to be but the latest to fill that bill.

And as in the Soviet days of yore, those on the port side of things could not be more utilitarian in their idiocy.

The left has also long been domestically practicing its victimology craft. To cite but one exemplar, we have our inner cities.

In reality, these rollicking train wrecks are the legacy of the liberal welfare state; as the recently late, tremendously great Milton Friedman noted, when you pay people to be poor, you will get a whole lot more poor people.

But according to the causes with a cause, these tacit war zones have been strip mined as a result of the inherent racism and prejudices of America’s “Haves,” exploiting their economic and cultural advantages to keep down the ghettoed “Have Nots.”

That the denizens of these societal backwaters engage in rampant drug use, crime and the full cadre of anti-social behavior on parade therein, and are in actuality remunerated by the government for so doing, has NOTHING to do with their circumstance, apparently. (Nor does the fact that these “underprivileged” are predominately white undo the ongoing “America as racist nation” storyline.)

No matter where one turns, no matter how many self-incurred wounds one finds, there will always be one more liberal racing to the fore to dismiss the culpability that should attend the damage done (and thereby again postpone any hope that these tragic talismans will extricate themselves from their concentric hell; why rectify when one can instead justify?).

Fidel Castro murders and tortures his populace, and renders a Caribbean paradise 90 miles to our south a floating jail, but it is all totally dandy with liberals because the islanders have health care and rice steamers.

For they are the excusers, for any and every failing they can find. And the worldwide jihadist network watches, and learns.

How else to explain last month’s Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) dramatic reenactment of the cinematic classic “Snakes on a Plane”? I am referring, of course, to the six imams bound from Minneapolis who insisted on drawing as much negative attention to themselves as was possible; loudly heaping praise on bin Laden and roundly bad-mouthing the U.S. for ousting Saddam Hussein, all done during and after fanning out in the fuselage 9/11-style.

Inside of 30 seconds of their rightful aeronautical ejection, they had already fully lawyered up, and CAIR was there with press statements and (un)righteous indignation at the ready.

The ACLU could not have executed the play any better. But they have done as much, as well on behalf of a great many militant Islamists “detained” in places like Guantanamo Bay (for little things like killing some of us, or trying or plotting to do so) and a whole host of other people and causes over the decades that all share the hope of our undoing. The route for CAIR to follow was well traveled and well illuminated.

In fact, jihadists have been playing the “Poor Me” card back home for at least as long. Yasser Arafat made an inordinately prosperous career of it (think Jesse Jackson in fatigues and a turban). The Israeli “occupied territories” are but Arab welfare areas (think South Central Los Angeles), identical to and incepted at the same time as was our Great Society, with similar egregious results.

A great many Muslim nations sit atop nearly incalculable reserves of the No. 1 commodity of the 20th and 21st centuries (that would be oil), yet they are almost to the last economic wastelands, rife with poverty and ruled by thugs.

As with any failed state, or state of things, a bogeyman must be named to blame, to avoid the painful and far more accurate look within.

The Jews and Israel will do, and often have, in explaining away the dictatorial overlording done by the Middle East powers that be. But the Great Satan gets a great deal of the “credit” as well, and it is here that the Islamists and the leftists find common cause.

It is difficult to demarcate daylight betwixt Ahmadinejad promising to “end Anglo-Saxon civilization” and the 1960s-era Berkeley mantra (alive and in play on campuses today), “Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ. has got to go”.

They meant, and mean, from much more than merely the curriculum, and those chanters and fellow travelers of yesterday are the likes of the ACLU doctors of jurisprudence for the Islamist defense today.

They are again from within seeking league with our latest enemy without.